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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Respect the Boss - The How Was It Video

posted by on August 30 at 15:01 PM

Local theater-makers Implied Violence had a big ole fundraiser party last Saturday. I’m still confused as to what was going on. There was some really great music, R. Kelly on the TVs, piņata-bashing, and booze. There definitely WASN’T any sex in the elevators.

Cameos by T.v. Coahran, Holly Chernobyl, Power of Coming Age, one of my forever heroes Sara Rudinoff, and Implied Violence’s Mandie O’Conell. Fun was had by all, if I still don’t understand What It Was…

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No Matt Powers? Psh.

Posted by Mr. Poe | August 30, 2007 3:10 PM

Sex in elevators isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Now, smooching and fondling in elevators ... that is really fun!

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 30, 2007 4:11 PM

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