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Oh, those craaazy Republicans!

Posted by Mr. Poe | July 11, 2007 8:19 AM

i don't understand how republicans work... is it the whole "i want to have my fun, but you can't?" attitude, or are they just so incredible naive about human nature that they cling to their beliefs while their own actions belie their position?

Posted by rjsplow | July 11, 2007 8:22 AM

Apparently Sen. Vitter also frequented a Louisiana Madam as well...

When asked about Bill Clinton's infidelity here was Mrs. Vitter's reply...

In 2000, Vitter was included in a Newhouse News Service story about the strain of congressional careers on families.

His wife, Wendy, was asked by the Newhouse News reporter: If her husband was as unfaithful as former President Bill Clinton, would she be as forgiving as Hillary Clinton?

“I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary,” Wendy Vitter told Newhouse News. “If he does something like that, I’m walking away with one thing, and it’s not alimony, trust me.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...indeed...

Posted by tiptoe tommy | July 11, 2007 8:23 AM

Giuliani is an asshole, a hypocrite, a bigot, and a lying sack of ferret shit. It's no surprise his friends are, too. Keep 'em coming, Rudolph. We're all waiting to dance on your political grave.

Posted by bitch on heels | July 11, 2007 8:35 AM

Republicans are just power hungry. For them it's all about staying in control and cashing in. They don't care about any issues other than the contents of their own pockets.

Posted by monkey | July 11, 2007 8:42 AM

Not just cocaine, but CRACK!!! Why are they pulling that punch?

Posted by Levislade | July 11, 2007 8:45 AM

What's the reason for being a Republican again? I never actually knew this. I'd ask my parents, but they're totally stupid. They would say something about taxes or God. Is that it? Taxes and God? And money? Taxes, God, money, and war? Guns? Power? Social discrimination that the entire party can agree on (and not feel the least bit bad about it)? What makes one remain Republican?

Who cares. (


Oh boy! Another goofy day!

Posted by Mr. Poe | July 11, 2007 8:49 AM

There are lying hypocritical anti-American twisted individuals who think others must be more shameful than them, because they are so filled with dark impulses ... and then there are the rest of us, who don't have anywhere near that many problems.


Like consequences, something Red Bushies just don't understand.

Posted by Will in Seattle | July 11, 2007 9:16 AM

Oh boy! I have been censored! Off to a great start!

Posted by Mr. Poe | July 11, 2007 9:17 AM

C'mon gang, look on the bright side. At this rate, just about every social-conservative that comes within 20 feet of a Giuliani campaign office is going to be outed as a big, fat, lying hypocrite who couldn't walk their talk if their lives depended on it.

How many more of these lying sacks of shit will be exposed in the coming months? And what is the increasingly irrefutable knowledge that these assholes don't give a flying fig about morality going to do to their base?

For every one of these jerks that gets exposed, there are likely to be scores, if not hundreds of conservative voters who will throw up their hands, throw in the towel, and decide to just not bother with the whole voting thing next time around.

Posted by COMTE | July 11, 2007 9:42 AM

David Vitter was my Legislative Clinic teacher when I was in law school at Tulane in New Orleans. At the time he was only a small time state house representative; but, he was a big time moron then too. He was very opposed to my "non-discrimination of gay people in Louisiana" legislation and brought other back woods inbread republican state house representatives to my mock hearing. They all seemed very shocked and horrified at the thought of equal human rights.

I really don't know how David Vitter became a U.S. Senator. He is one of the most evil people I have ever met. Karma is very powerful, so I am sure he will get what he deserves.

Posted by Christian in Seattle | July 11, 2007 9:52 AM

Even more good news. He's being pressured to resign, and his replacement would be appointed by Gov. Blanco, a Democrat. If he held the seat in the special election that follows, the Dems could strip Lieberman of his committee seats and give him the boot.

Posted by Gitai | July 11, 2007 10:37 AM

Christian in Seattle @ 11,

"I really don't know how David Vitter became a U.S. Senator. He is one of the most evil people I have ever met."

I asked myself the same question for years. How could people vote for Nixon (twice), Reagan (twice), Bush I, Bush II (twice), Jesse Helms (countless times), Newt Gingrinch, Tom Delay and many, many others.

Call it An Irritating Truth, but that's what most Americans are like and they vote for people who are like them; it's that simple and horrible.

Posted by Original Andrew | July 11, 2007 12:00 PM

Wonkette reports that Vitter was also seriously into diaper play when he was a regular visitor at a New Orleans whorehouse.

Sweet Jebus, you just can't make this stuff up. Perhaps he should write in to Savage Love.

Posted by Original Andrew | July 11, 2007 12:36 PM

Everything is FINE! It's fine, really, it's fine. I'm not's fine. No, I'm not joking... everthing is fine. really....
Don't pay attention to the campaign finance violations, or the suspended treasurer indicted for cocaine distribution or emails indicating ethics violations, or the SC State Budget and Control Board in disarray, or employee's bolting out of the Treasury Agency, or The DOT, or The SBCB. Don't pay attention to the suspended Treasurer that is in Rehab, everything is fine at the Treasury Dept. LISTEN TO ME! EVERYTHING IS FINE!

Posted by Everything is Fine | July 11, 2007 3:35 PM

Am I the only lefist in America who could give a royal rat's ass about politics anymore? I can't get excited about the blatant hypocrisy of some backwater dork into banging whores. Maybe it's learned helplessness, but really all you can do is shrug your shoulders. I'm not even excited about any of the Democratic candidates for President. It's like their all a bunch of nothings, with no real agenda for anything. Shrug. Sigh. Blah.

Posted by ilovecandy | July 11, 2007 10:26 PM

Just to cap things off, having been outed as a hypocrite, adulterer and godless pervert, he's had the unbelievable cheek to run and hide behind (a) his wife and (b) his god - releasing that ridiculous statement that both of the above had forgiven him and thus he didn't have to say anything more about the matter. Um, so that's OK then!

Posted by idl1975 | July 12, 2007 3:04 AM

I've lost count of the number of senior GOP figures who have been outed as gay / for using hookers / for using drugs. This surely should be the time for the Democrats to come forwards and offer a new way of politics, perhaps even with politicians having some intregity. I don't see this happening, which I guess means they're all too worried about the skeletons in their own closets.

Another Republican falling from grace is of course a satisfying sight. However, it would be more satisfying if we could move away from the vitriol spewed day in day out by both the GOP and the Democrats.

Posted by Fled From Bush | July 12, 2007 3:32 AM

..but you can’t hide.

If Ravenel is convicted of distribution of cocaine, he can serve as much as 20 years in prison. I would say that it is more likely that he will cut a “plea deal” to serve a short amount of time behind bars along with probation.

If Ravenel cuts a “plea deal”, in other words, “pleads guilty” then the Feds should insist that he roll over on a “Bigger Fish” If he does not roll over, then he should do some serious jail time with the rest of the “Cocaine Distributors”.

Posted by Yon can run | July 16, 2007 12:34 PM

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