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Friday, June 15, 2007

Why Do We Hate God So Much?

posted by on June 15 at 17:04 PM

The author of a local blog about religion—the religious author of a devout blog about ol’ tyme religion—found his way to our “Month of Sundays” feature. His post about “Month of Sundays” is titled “A bunch of writers who hate God do reviews on 30 churches in Seattle,” and he’s got some questions…

I found this article through another blog, West Seattle Blog, and it’s from a publication that I would consider anti-christian or maybe even anti-religious. It’s full of swearing and blaspheme, which is expected, but very eye-opening too in how they percieve religion. Some think back to the days that they were forced to go to church, some are very quick to point out the hypocritical people, and all express their complete disgust for anything that has to do with God. Why do they hate God so much? Any thoughts?

I’m a little busy working on next week’s Queer Issue. But if you have time and some thoughts, gentle reader, head on over to Inward Truth and share ‘em.

Oh, and Inward Truth’s post about “Month of Sundays” is illustrated with a painting of a pack of Christian martyrs being fed to lions in the Roman Coliseum… because having your church reviewed in The Stranger is, uh, just like being torn limb from limb by a pack of hungry wild animals in front of a cheering mob.

Seems like a bit of an overstatement to me, especially considering that we didn’t send Annie Wagner out to review a church service.

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Yeah, because anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly agree with religious doctrine "HATES GOD SO MUCH."

I think atheists just hate stupidity ;P

Posted by Gomez | June 15, 2007 5:33 PM

It's pretty hard to hate something that doesn't exist.

Posted by Tiffany | June 15, 2007 5:48 PM

I don't hate God. I'm perfectly fine with Her.

But these apostate extremist scum that are fundamentalists (of all "faiths") sure do hate Her.

Posted by Will in Seattle | June 15, 2007 5:58 PM

I personally don’t care what other people believe, but religion should be a personal matter, as in other Western countries, and I’m sick of crazy liars who think that they need to shout from the pulpit that a supernatural being has given them the moral authority to condemn everyone who’s not exactly like them.

Plus Christianity in particular is so damn boring. The poor dears don’t seem to realize that like 80% of the world’s population believes something other than what they believe. Now Greek mythology, that’s some interesting stuff.

And can all the Epicureans in the house give a shout out?

Posted by Original Andrew | June 15, 2007 6:00 PM

Maybe its because his friends are such annoying idiotic assholes.

Posted by Giffy | June 15, 2007 6:28 PM

Hey, you guys are preaching to the converted. Go leave a comment for the churchies. Unless, perhaps, they are erasing any and all comments that don't reinforce their ideas.

Posted by printer | June 15, 2007 6:33 PM

Giffy on June 16th, 2007
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

There is nothing offensive in my post, so we'll see if it gets up. I would actually enjoy a discussion with the author.
Here is what I posted
"Its really the same reaction most Christians have when they look at the rituals and practices of other religions. Without the ‘faith’ it all seems odd and weird.

It’s also hard for those of us who don’t make the same assumptions about the existence and nature of deities to give a whole lot of credence to religion. For example, if I told you there was a god named Bob who wrote a great book about how humans were created from pond water, you would likely laugh. However if that same god was name Yahweh and wrote a book about humans being created from mud, well thats Christianity.

If you want us to take you seriously or even believe, parables, stories, and the like aren’t going to cut it. Personally I want scientifically verifiable evidence and since its a big commitment I want lots of it. From were I sit Christianity, cargo cults, Islam, and Scientology all look about the same. A bunch of people arguing about things they believe becasue it makes them feel good."

Posted by Giffy | June 15, 2007 6:51 PM

My comment is also awaiting moderation...albeit less articulate than Giffy.

Posted by Dianna | June 15, 2007 7:01 PM

Does anyone else find it suspect that there are only three comments on the Inward Truth site? Not sure how long ago you submitted yours Giffy - but I am not sure they really want to know why people "hate God." Or engage in intelligent debate. Typical. They run from the scary questions...

Posted by GW | June 15, 2007 7:05 PM

Yah I was expecting more, though if they require moderation and it was just slogged today, maybe the blogger hasn't seen them yet. As for me I submitted mine about a half hour ago. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a day or two at least.

Posted by Giffy | June 15, 2007 7:08 PM

Also awaiting moderation . . .

"I thought the pieces were, overall, relatively harmless and descriptive, and some of them were downright respectful. It seems most of the people in the churches themselves were happy to have visits from outsiders, and someone from Quest Church has publicly blogged about how excited he was about the piece. If merely not having an instant acceptance and belief of a certain doctrine equals disgust and hate, then I guess I should ask why christians hate muslims, buddhists, zoroastrians, hindus, ancient greeks, etc. so very much? Or, to phrase it as you phrased your question: Why do you hate Zeus so much?

"The answer of course is that they don’t hate God, they merely don’t believe there is any such thing. Why is that such a problem for you?"

Posted by Levislade | June 15, 2007 7:15 PM

Thanks guys for sharing your comments over at Inward Truth. I have responded to all of them so far. I hope we can have good conversations with this. Thanks again for all of your guys' honest comments.

Posted by Inward Truth | June 15, 2007 8:10 PM

Awaiting moderation

I also am a Stranger reader and found the article to be refreshing. I grew up in a Christian household and willingly went to church until I made my own decision on religion.

I want to first comment on the “test” you linked to. Even if I considered myself a Christian, I would find it disturbing. It focuses on the wrong things - the goodness and righteousness of a person. It certainly wouldn’t help a non-believer just believe… “Perhaps you feel safe because you don’t believe in Hell. This can be likened to standing in the middle of a busy highway and shouting, “I don’t believe in trucks!” Your belief or disbelief in trucks will not change reality. The same applies in this situation. Your disbelief in Hell will not cause it to cease to exist.” That would be all well and good if, you know, we could actually see Hell like one would see and feel trucks rushing by them. It kinda seems like an encouragement for blind faith.

You seem rather antagonistic to say that the writers hate God. It seems to me that churches should encourage outsiders to attend. If outsiders show up and think poorly of a specific church, why should they go back to learn more? The thing I really find disgusting about certain churches is their need to simulcast the preacher to multiple locations. Don’t you think that is turning the preachers into something more righteous and prophet-like than they should be?

It’s convenient for you to dismiss this article and these writers as God-haters, “…all express their complete disgust for anything that has to do with God. Why do they hate God so much?”, but maybe if you actually read the entire thing, you would realize that is not what it is. One of the writers, Chris McCann even wrote “I’d expected to feel a lot in my return to church—hypocrisy, boredom, and unease at least. What I hadn’t expected was the sense of calm and goodwill that enveloped me the rest of the afternoon.”. John Olson wrote “The sense of community was acute. The detachment I had brought with me, and was so carefully trying to preserve, detached, and hung around my ankles as I arose to sing ‘Open the eyes of my heart.’”

The writers of the article were simply trying to give an objective response to their experiences in visiting the various churches. Don’t you think that is a healthy thing - to get an outsider’s opinion? If the only word you have to go on is that of your loyal following… how are you ever going to grow or “go into all the world and preach the gospel”?

Posted by Angela | June 15, 2007 8:47 PM

that guy, "inward truth" is officially the ned flanders of seattle religious blogging.

"how diddly do everyone! i'm not asking you to prove there's a godly wodly named bob who created people out of pndly wondly scum! but i'm not going to share with you how i JUST KNOW my god is TRUE! becasue you shouldn't askly waskly for evidence!"

whatevs... he wins no one over here.

Posted by terry miller | June 15, 2007 9:12 PM

In your Month of Sundays issue, an ad for the Seattle Men's Chorus' "Scared Faithless" Pride concert appears on page 31 abutting (now there's a word!) The Stranger's provocative-as-ever ecclesiastical article.

Rumor has it that SMC's poster for that particular concert got them in trouble and that many businesses are declining to post it. Why? Because the poster features two demonstrators with signs reading "God Hates Fags" and "You're Going to Hell" a la Fred Phelps and his merry mob of antediluvian Leviticans (sic).

The Chorus asks: is it possible to be gay or lesbian and have a profound sense of faith? I ask: is it possible to "get" that most religions have been dreamed up by men for the purpose of controlling other men and, by default, their women, who universally have never had a say in any religious matter. Imagine that, Mitt Romney...

Posted by CHURCHY LA FEMME | June 15, 2007 9:23 PM

(cross-posted, no pun intended)

I am a Stranger reader and a Christian. I thought the review from the Stranger “congregation” was great. They were not writers who hated God as much as being skeptical about religion, which if you read your Bible carefully, you will discover they have a lot in common with Jesus.

Being able to criticize religion is not only a fundamental American freedom but also reflects, I believe, one reason why Christians have grown. My church, Bethany Community Church, has as much to do with the Falwells of this world as Rumi does with Al-Sadr. I loved it that the writer described the service as Lynchian.

As for the “test”–it really seems like a stupid internet joke rather than a serious test of faith.

The Stranger piece was not about throwing anyone to the lions. It seems so yesterday to me to worry about how others view your faith but on the other hand, I hope the writers do it again. My only suggestion is that they try to reveal a little more about themselves, being breezey is pretty easy at the end of the day.

Posted by Sierra | June 15, 2007 10:53 PM

For some us it just comes down to the fact that the "god" their bible does not deserve our worship or even acknowledgement even under the unlikeley possibility that it even exists. Your god is not worthy.

Posted by rich | June 16, 2007 7:13 AM

We hate God because he hates us, remember?

Posted by Mr. Poe | June 16, 2007 9:01 AM

Damn you, Dan, for getting me to spend time on a Christian blog and read that guy's pile of BS!

Grrr. It's funny, being over here feels like preaching to the converted (so to speak), while being over there is like yelling at a brick wall. Is there no middle ground on this topic? How could there be?

Posted by Levislade | June 16, 2007 10:09 AM

Suspect the vast middle ground Levislade wants to hear from are those who--atheist, agnostic and religious alike--find the attitude that makes sense is to not pick on the spiritual beliefs of strangers. For example, when fundies get all political, they resist politically, not by slamming the fundies' religious pretexts. Accordingly, they steer clear of religious rock-'em-sock-'em-robots stuff like this, and go about their lives. I might join them someday, but for now still get my jollies being all up in other peoples' business now and then. [Duh, why else would I be posting?]

Posted by Tomasyalba | June 16, 2007 11:30 AM

Honestly the guy seems quite nice and reasonable to me. So far he has not attacked anyone or called people names and seems genuinely willing to talk and discuss. While I don't share his outlook on life I do think he deserves some respect.

Posted by Giffy | June 16, 2007 12:52 PM

Don't bother. He'll delete your comments.

Posted by Mr. Poe, Film Fanatic | June 16, 2007 1:07 PM

One thing about Chirstians is that they love being martyrs for their cause. I mean like the drag queen said to the crucifix "Get off the cross, someone needs the wood"

And yes, Religion is the opium of the people!

Posted by Just ME | June 16, 2007 8:37 PM

Mr Poe, I think that was becasue you used language not suitable for his blog. Hell I swear like a fucking sailor, but I respect the host and if they don't like swearing I cut it out. It a religious blog not slog.

Posted by Giffy | June 16, 2007 9:21 PM

"I like to think of Jesus as a cool guy in a tuxedo shirt. 'Cuz that says he's classy, but he's here to party."
-Talladega Nights

Posted by brad | June 18, 2007 11:49 AM

I know for myself personally that the day I gave my life to Jesus I had been set free from a life of drugs and alchool. Something I had been doing since I was thirteen. I was doing coke, 714, acid, mushrooms. I had tryed to commit suicide a couple of times been adopted because my parents left me and lost a six year old child. talk about wanting to dye. But Jesus has changed my life and has given me a purpose to live. Now I am married for the last 11 yrs and have a job in the court system. He has given peace and joy beyound this world. He is supernatual and its is the greatest place in all this world is to be in the presence of him where the things of this world fade away and it is better than any drug I ever did!!!! His love is amazing and it is up to whoever to believe but you sure are missing out on alot!!!!! and there is plently of proof of the bible. They find things all the time in Israel to back it up and thousand upon thousand of manuscripts. You just have to research and you can find the answers if you really seek the truth. It is out there. Have you really read the Bible. What is what we are saying is really true. Where will you spend eternity. What will happen if you die now???
Where will you go for all eternity. God is more real than you are. Did all things just fall into place. Search deep and honest.

Posted by carol | June 21, 2007 4:43 PM

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