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True enough...but whatcha gonna do.

Posted by ecce homo | June 18, 2007 5:38 PM

who is NOT a member of this?

Rockefeller owns stock in a zillion corporations.


Posted by Frank | June 18, 2007 5:42 PM

Exactly, Frank.

By virtue of owning S&P 500 index funds, or Total Stock Market index funds, you automatically own this too.


Posted by Will in Seattle | June 18, 2007 5:45 PM

Oh, for cripes sake. It's the big bad Council on Foreign Relations, working for World Domination (tm), again. Your correspondent failed to mention the Trilateral Commission, the Masons, Queen Elizabeth and the international drug trade, and Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouchie, am I right?

Why Is He Being Silenced??? Where Are His Missing ALL-CAPS? History Demands To Know!!!

David Rockefeller doesn't own a CONTROLLING interest in any of those things. He's pretty rich, though, that's for sure. Owns a lot of stock. Must be up to no good. You don't think he's a....Jew, do you?

Your complainant hasn't even touched on Rockefeller's vast art holdings, which indicate his desire for One Art World and a North American Expensive Painting Union.

This kind of global conspiracy crap was tired thirty years ago. The CFR is a club where big dogs in government and business can get together over cocktails and talk about -- gasp! -- government and business. If you haven't been invited to join, it's because you aren't a figure in those worlds. They're not plotting anything diabolical; they're about as threatening as the Chamber of Commerce, which they resemble. Suggesting that candidates for the Presidency are somehow compromised by membership in it is ridiculous.

Rich and powerful guys are rich and powerful, right, yes, we get it. Now go away and let the grownups talk.

Posted by Fnarf | June 18, 2007 5:47 PM

What the letter writer is forgetting, or maybe his form letter has not yet been updated, is that Anglina Jolie was just made a member of the CFR. Clearly all the blame can be placed on Bard Pitt.

Posted by nathaniel | June 18, 2007 6:12 PM

I'm not worried about it - I'm sure Mulder has it under control. All the mainstream candidates are aliens anyway, except for Mike Gravel. That's why the mainstreamers are against real immigration reform - they want room in the U.S. for more aliens from their planet, not Mexico.

Posted by Ebenezer | June 18, 2007 6:15 PM

Well, I quit my job so I could work alone,
Then I changed my name to Sherlock Holmes.
Followed some clues from my detective bag
And discovered they wus red stripes on the American flag!
That ol' Betty Ross . . .

Now Eisenhower, he's a Russian spy,
Lincoln, Jefferson and that Roosevelt guy.
To my knowledge there's just one man
That's really a true American: George Lincoln Rockwell.
I know for a fact he hates Commies cus he picketed the movie Exodus.

Well, I fin'ly started thinkin' straight
When I run outa things to investigate.
Couldn't imagine doin' anything else,
So now I'm sittin' home investigatin' myself!
Hope I don't find out anything . . . hmm, great God!

-Bob Dylan

Posted by Jude Fawley | June 18, 2007 6:54 PM

Hey didn't the leaders of 8 top nations just get together in europe somewhere for a big secret meeting? I think they were talking about politics and government and stuff. Wow. Scary. WE definitely should protest these meetings next time. Just think: unelected leaders from England, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, & Japan meet and talk! This has to be stopped.

Posted by Lyndon LaDouche | June 18, 2007 7:00 PM

I hadn't heard the New World Order played in a while. I was wondering if I was ever gonna see it played again.

Posted by Gomez | June 18, 2007 7:17 PM

What's so terrible about a one-world government?

A North American union sounds pretty good to me too..

Oh wait, unless it's a sign of the end times.

But shouldn't we be for that too? :P

Posted by Teman | June 18, 2007 7:44 PM

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Remember the Golden Rule, my fellow Americans. Without it, you are one small step away from being a dog that likes to hump David Rockefeller's leg.

Posted by Love Thy Neighbor | June 18, 2007 8:06 PM

Connie Fogel, leader of the Canadian Action Party, lays it down straight. What conspiracy theory? I think that's in your underwear. Try not to get confused so easily.

The goods:

Posted by Love Thy Neighbor | June 18, 2007 8:13 PM


Posted by Giffy | June 18, 2007 8:55 PM

Hurm, I probably have some of these stocks in one of my 401(K) plan portfolios.

I'm sure my invitation to Davos just got lost in the mail, is all.

Posted by COMTE | June 18, 2007 9:29 PM


Posted by K X One | June 18, 2007 10:18 PM

@5 - I knew Brad Pitt had something to do with it.

You can have my invite, @14. It's only something like $10,000 to go.

Posted by Will in Seattle | June 18, 2007 10:20 PM

"One World Government"

paranoid much? many more issues deserve your time than this. hey, what are the freemasons up to these days? IT'S ALL A FUCKIN' 'SPIRACY!!!! Avoid the Noid, and leave me the fuck alone and out of you're invented problems.

Posted by mmb | June 19, 2007 12:49 AM

Everyone knows the CFR is just a reptoid front!

Posted by Jay | June 19, 2007 3:44 AM

And the point is ?...

Posted by lawrence clark | June 19, 2007 4:36 AM

And the point is this:

Vote Ron Paul for President in 2008!

He is the only candidate addressing the CFR, the NAU, and immigration in a constructive manner that makes sense for Americans.

Posted by Daniel Boone | June 19, 2007 5:35 AM

Koo! ka-koo! Ka-koo!

Yeah, and abolish the Federal Reserve while you're at it. You might want to brush up on some new skills, like blacksmithing, or digging holes in the mud, as well.

Posted by Fnarf | June 19, 2007 7:29 AM


Posted by nipple | June 19, 2007 7:42 AM

I would imagine the US military-industrial complex would have something to say about giving up their plans for world domination.

Posted by Phenics | June 19, 2007 8:32 AM

So… Ron Paul is the only un-tainted candidate?

Posted by You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me | June 19, 2007 9:09 AM

What? RuPaul is running for pres? Cool! Work it, girl!

Posted by brad | June 19, 2007 12:33 PM

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