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Sunday, June 17, 2007

SIFF 2007: Jury Awards

posted by on June 17 at 13:55 PM

The complete list of awards is up at the SIFF website (thanks, stinkbug).

A few quick notes. The awards this year were made by Joey DeCamp of the Chihuly Studio, and they are hideous. I failed to bring a digital camera, but imagine a greenish phallus covered in bulging cysts.

The Grand Jury choices are all pretty solid—it looks like we starred all the winners that were screened in advance. The juries tapped Sons for the New Director Award (Charles Mudede really liked it); for New American Cinema, Shotgun Stories (which I quite liked, and mentioned in my introduction to this year’s SIFF Notes); for documentary, Out of Time (which I enjoyed, though I don’t know that I’d compliment the cinematography as profusely as the designated juror did).

The Special Jury prizes are a little more dubious, but not terrible, which is all you can ask.

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Out of Context Theatre: Last night I listened to red-headed stepchild Erin Hart on 710-KIRO. You thought that KIRO had given Hart a well-deserved boot to the head or boot to the ass? You thought you'd never again have to reach thru the radio to bitch slap the sniveling snarling groveling whining little bitch? Wrong.

She's back, vamping as a bald stealth tranny. She's posing as somebody or something called "David Goldstein," but it's fartin' Hart for sure. I'd know that PMS screech anywhere.

Her third-hour, however, was pretty good, something about our animal companions being poisoned by Red Chinese capitalism and conservatism. Also us.

Capitalists and conservatives want us and our doggies to die, probably so we can't buy their stuff. They resist regulation so they can poison our kibbles and kill our teeth.

For the first time ever, Hart's right. Until last week, the Lutheran Compass Center, a compassion station for Seattle's poor, dispensed white death: AmerFresh toothpaste made in China, a paste for which the magic whitening brightening ingredient may be diethylene glycol antifreeze ... according to the usual unreliable sources: NPR, FDA, Erin Goldy Hart.

Wouldn't it be useful if Hart or one of The Stranger's month-of-heathens writers did something useful for a change? If maybe they pulled their little heads out of the communion cups to find out whether, indeed, AmerFresh is poison? To find out if Sanctuary City is subsidizing LCC and other do-good venues to poison Seattle citizens and "citizens"? To find out what hot-rod Greg Nickels will do to determine if Seattle's deserving poor deserved to clean their teeth with Seattle-subsidized renal shutdown and liver failure?

(As for being killed by conservatism, I and many others were almost killed by Bill Clinton and Democrat liberalism when we ingested E-Coli 0157 with our well-regulated, made-by-American-hippies, organic, cow-shit Odwalla. Mmmm mmm. Those were the days, Erin. Or "David.")

Posted by Siffless in Seattle | June 18, 2007 8:38 AM

I didn't get a picture of the full table o' glass, but you can see a few of the statues in one of the photos I took at yesterday's awards ceremony -->

Posted by josh | June 18, 2007 8:57 AM

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