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Friday, May 25, 2007

Today the Stranger Suggests

posted by on May 25 at 12:16 PM


‘Objective Sound’
(Art) Bill Fontana, based in San Francisco, is a pioneer of sound art and a guy to pay attention to. His latest installation is a resonation-portrait of the industrial area hugging the Duwamish River in South Seattle, near the art gallery Western Bridge. Fontana will pipe sounds from the neighborhood (machinery, trucks, trains) into the darkened gallery, where steel and glass objects found nearby and brought inside will act like musical instruments, shaping the sounds. (Western Bridge, 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444. Noonó6 pm, free.) Jen Graves


‘Life in Loops’
(SIFF) If you didn’t shell out 50 bucks for yesterday’s official opening film and party, your SIFF should begin with this terrific experimental documentary, a “remix” of Michael Glawogger’s controversial 1998 film Megacities, about members of the urban underclass. The sampled footage (including some new outtakes) becomes electric in this pulsating, rhythmic edit: A dye-sifter in Mumbai turns purple and green after a day spent crouching over his powders, a junkie in New York demonstrates his various hustles, and a young man in Tokyo seems in danger of going hikikomori, given his inordinate affection for huggable girl-shaped pillows. (Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, 324-9996. 9:15 pm, $10.) Annie Wagner

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