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Friday, May 25, 2007

OPA Under Investigation

posted by on May 25 at 16:23 PM

After clearing officers Greg Neubert and Mike Tietjen of a number of serious charges, The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) is under investigation by the city council. The OPA Review Board, created in 2002 to review internal police investigations, will be digging through the full Neubert and Tietjen case over the weekend, according to OPARB chair Peter Holmes.

Holmes says that OPARB will be reviewing “how thorough the investigation was,” as well as SPD Chief Kerlikowske’s final approval of OPA’s findings, although OPARB is prohibited from recommending disciplinary action for officers.

Holmes also told me that SPD was slow to provide the full case file and has still not provided a list of other OPA complaints against Neubert and Tietjen. “We requested [the case file] last month and we got it yesterday,” he says.

OPARB plans to review the file and meet this weekend. They could release their findings by next week.

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the opa review board is independent of the city council.

Posted by trevor | May 25, 2007 11:30 PM

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Posted by evxsci orya | June 6, 2007 6:15 PM

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Posted by cplwrqhs nrylpg | June 6, 2007 6:17 PM

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