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Monday, April 23, 2007

Re: A Confession.

posted by on April 23 at 18:00 PM

Erica’s in love with a car. I’m in love with my new pink Nintendo DS Lite.


Like Erica, my love is also wrong. Very, very wrong.

Because of my pink Nintendo DS Lite, I was up until four o’ clock in the morning playing “Yoshi’s Island.” I love the way the little baby Mario cries “Yoshi!” and I love how Princess Peach flies through the air with a pretty pink parasol. Baby Donkey Kong is my favorite; he can climb vines and do this cool power stomp thing to knock out enemies. VrooomSTOMP!

I’m up to level three, but I have a few embarrassingly low scores in the previous levels, so I’ve been replaying some stuff and trying to find all the big gold coins and stars and shit. But one thing that I can’t seem to do, is unlock the mini games. I only have one so far. ONE! One lousy mini game!

There’s gotta be more. Where are they?

I’m addicted. I will not sleep until I find them.

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This woman knows how to have fun. rock on sister!

Posted by Congrats | April 23, 2007 6:15 PM

though try to get some sleep :)

Posted by dwayne | April 23, 2007 6:18 PM

check out if you're really desperate to figure stuff out.

I have been playing my DS (not a lite, since I bought it so long ago) and I can't stop playing Tetris. I get in some kind of magic Tetris zone and then no one can talk to me.

Posted by Jordyn | April 23, 2007 6:20 PM
Posted by planktonphile | April 23, 2007 6:30 PM

I'm currently addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I'm thankful Nintendo made it so we could play Gameboy Advance games on the DS, there are some great GBA games.

I second the rec for, it'll tell you everything you need to know about any video game.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is one of the best DS games I've played, it surprised me how much I enjoyed it.

Posted by Kristi | April 23, 2007 8:02 PM

Hey Megan,

I'm gonna have the Whore Moans in on my radio show on May 16th... interested in stopping by our station (RainyDawg) to help interview them?

Posted by Jeff | April 23, 2007 8:24 PM

As an avid 'gamer' and owner of a [white] DS Lite, I'd also highly highly suggest Elite Beat Agents. Still the best thing on the system.

and! The new pokemon came out the other day, and the secret is that all the gamers play it because they're AWESOME even if originally meant for 5 year olds.

I've also heard really great things about Hotel Dusk: Room 215, but it's apparently hard to find so I haven't played it yet. The whole thing is very very plot/narrative driven and seems to take itself very seriously, but I guess it's justified.

Just some ideas...

Posted by Juris | April 23, 2007 8:37 PM

When we bought my son (not for me of course) the Nintendo DS for xmas I totally hogged it to play Yoshi's Island. I beat the game...took my forever, but I beat it. I'm such a geek :(

Posted by Brooke | April 23, 2007 8:38 PM

Oh yeah, Elite Beat Angels and Hotel Dusk are musts. Also, I'd suggest Kirby Canvas Curse.

Posted by Postureduck | April 23, 2007 8:57 PM

Hotel dusk really more of an interactive mystery novel, still great though.

How has nobody mentioned Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Posted by dirge | April 23, 2007 9:27 PM

I second dirge. The Ace Attorney games are the BEST. TAKE THAT! and take pride in being a ds owner!

Posted by Andy | April 24, 2007 12:19 AM

Sure, Phoenix Wright and Elite Beat Agents are fun (although EBA's timing is actually not always perfect), but the stand-out game on the DS is The New Super Mario. I've 100%'d it twice now. *flexes nerd muscles*

Although right now I'm completely addicted to Puzzle Quest, and I suggest everybody else do the same.

Posted by Christin | April 24, 2007 7:01 AM

Puzzle Quest is electronic crack.

Phoenix Wright is made of awesome.

There are just tons of great games for the DS.

Posted by Aexia | April 24, 2007 7:39 AM

#4 is right. But I think Electroplankton is even great sober. Pink Godzilla has a few copies of the deluxe Japanese version with two extra levels. Or at least they did when I bought a copy last week.

Posted by djgirth | April 24, 2007 9:22 AM

it's great sober but only entertains for fifteen minutes. you can get lost in that for hours under the right conditions. ebay worked for me when i was looking for a copy, but pink godzilla is really where the original poster should go if she wants advice (as well as selection) on games for the ds

Posted by planktonfile | April 24, 2007 9:56 AM

Nintendogs - get the Poodle edition.

And I agree, gamefaqs is pretty useful.

Posted by Will in Seattle | April 24, 2007 10:14 AM

Kirby! I have a pink DS on which I tend to play nothing but Kirby Squeak Squad constantly. I am addicted and I love it very much. My only problem with Nintendogs is that I do a lot of my playing at bus stops, and it's a little embarassing yelling into the Game Boy out in the open. Elite Beat Agents is brilliant, and I would like Super Princess Peach a whole lot more if I could get through the damned opening to the third boss where you're supposed to hit all the ghosts...frustrating.

I am looking forward greatly to the new Pokemon, though.

Posted by Abby | April 24, 2007 2:20 PM

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