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Rep. Williams is dead on. I'll respond to that challenge. First, I am absolutely floored at the number of people out there willing to vilify two of our chosen representatives (Weinstein and Williams) who are just trying to do the right thing for homeowners - give some basic rights! These guys aren't playing politics, they are trying to increase consumer protection not only for their constitutents, but all Washington homeowners.

The rights of single family homeowners in this state to pursue their builders for shoddy construction are extremely limited. First, you have to have a contract with your builder, which most new homeowners do not. Second, you have to have damages amounting to near collapse of your building or at least a serious threat to life or safety. 33 other states have better consumer protections for homeowners than Washington.

The FACT is that Frank Chopp killed a good bill for political reasons - to keep a good relationship with BIAW and other builders groups for the future - because BIAW is powerful. It is not about a single meal - at least one homeowners advocacy group raised money for Chopp's re-election thinking he supported homeowner rights. It's about the overwhelming disproprortionate amount of money that BIAW and other builders groups spend EVERY YEAR in Olympia - literally millions. Only the strongest of our representatives like Williams and Weinstein -- who believe more in representing their constituents than hoarding political capital -- are willing to make a stand against them.

Posted by MHawk | April 2, 2007 12:42 PM

BIAW = Biggest Idiots and Assholes in Washington

Posted by clown patrol | April 2, 2007 1:34 PM

Frank Chopp has GOT TO GO! Why have the majority if you are afraid to use it? This is NOT about how long Frank can retain the fuckin' Speaker's chair, this IS about how much progressive legislation we can pass. Josh, you live in the 43rd... Maybe you should run?

Posted by 43rd Dem | April 2, 2007 3:27 PM

Josh would come up 8th in a field of 8 if he ran. Not that he's a bad person, he's a great person, but it's hard to run here.

Posted by Will in Seattle | April 2, 2007 4:16 PM

I'm a Chopp constituent, and I am furious that he killed this bill.

How could this avowedly liberal Dem kill legislation that gives home owners basic assurances that the house we just leveraged our souls for ain't a piece of crap? As Sen. Weinstein is fond of saying, one gets a better warranty in a new ($30) toaster than one does in a new (um, HALF MILLION DOLLAR) house.

Fraidy-Frank just rolled, plain and simple. This bill didn't need "further study." This bill needed to get out there and start helping redistribute the risk of shoddy construction where it belongs: on the builders.

This was a pure power move on the part of our state's Democratic House leadership, and it's not what the people wanted. Frank can go get his funding directly from BIAW next election. I'm done with him.

Posted by Miche | April 3, 2007 8:42 AM

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