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Thank you Charles. Multicultural states like Israel are the future of the human race. Only in Christian America is there oppression of women and of black people. I pray that one day America will learn Israel's lesson and become a secular welcoming place for all.

Posted by Shoshana | March 29, 2007 3:10 PM

oh man i love a fat girl who drinks beer.

Posted by josh bomb | March 29, 2007 3:13 PM

The homogenization of American culture is distressing... It is disgusting the amount of vapid culture that America has been able to export to the world, how much Americans have been able to change simply because we decide it doesn't fit our norms. Additionally, the lack of value in modern American culture is at the heart of this plague. Will dominating the world with American culture bring us peace? Perhaps, the question is if we can preserve life in the rampant, and potentially irresponsible pursuit of globalization.

Posted by Anthony | March 29, 2007 3:15 PM

Yeah, Shoshana, Israel is a model state for tolerance and inclusiveness.

Posted by demolator | March 29, 2007 3:29 PM

Say what you will, Charles, but no one wanted to see the British smile, let alone on billboards.

Posted by MvB | March 29, 2007 3:33 PM

Actually, yes, Charles, we are getting less violent. Violent behavior, wars, murders, etc., are at an all-time low, and dropping fast.

Posted by Fnarf | March 29, 2007 3:34 PM

Even by blog standards, the meandering writing on this post is almost completely indecipherable.

Posted by Mattymatt | March 29, 2007 3:40 PM

Or maybe things will fragment more and more. Yes, those are beauty-pageant contestants, but who watches beauty pageants anymore? Boundless pessimism is just as foolish as boundless optimism, really.

Posted by Abby | March 29, 2007 3:47 PM

As long as there are still some guys out there who stay husky, I'm set.

Posted by Matthew | March 29, 2007 4:00 PM

I am having a real dumb day. I don't understand what your post is about Charles. You may have a valid point, but I am just not getting it.

Posted by elswinger | March 29, 2007 4:07 PM

Check out the wandering left hand of Miss Trinidad/Tobago. I'm pulling for her (so to speak).

Posted by DOUG. | March 29, 2007 4:10 PM

Allow me to diagram the prototypical Mudede post:

GRAF 1: Short, puzzling premise, sometimes followed by a photo.

GRAF 2: Pretentious psychobabble.

GRAF 3: More pretentious psychobabble, often relaying a quote from a poet, obscure jazz musician or esoteric notable presumed to be a pseudonym for Mr. Mudede himself.

GRAF 4: See graf 2.

GRAF 5: See graf 2, followed by a photo of scantily clad ladies (usually black).

You have deviated a bit from the formula this time around, Charles, and I thank you.

Posted by frederick r | March 29, 2007 4:28 PM

Charles, the premise of this post appears to have been lifted from the most annoying amusement ride theme song in the history of man. Warning - NSFW!

Posted by Sean | March 29, 2007 4:45 PM

some of the skinnier girls i've had the (dis)pleasure to screw just laid there and the boniness sure didn't feel too hot either.

bring on the beer.

Posted by mike | March 29, 2007 4:46 PM

Pshaw. For all the media images we see which glorify one type of beauty, there are an awful lot of people out there finding sexiness in people who don't fit that type at all. Do the fat, the horsefaced, the short, and the bald always fail to attract the eye of others? Even if there were a concerted effort to align the collective human psyche in that regard, it would be doomed to failure, I believe.

Posted by tsm | March 29, 2007 4:52 PM

I'm sorry, but what the hell are you talking about?

Posted by scratching head | March 29, 2007 4:52 PM

Perfectly said! Would you include the first and last sentences each time you comment?

Posted by darling463 | March 29, 2007 5:11 PM

Hey! That's my State Farm agent...Ezra Teshome! Don't knock him...he's a good guy.

And what the f*** were you trying to say Charles?

Posted by State Farmer | March 29, 2007 5:46 PM

Charles, you like a squeezer? I've never really liked a lady with, you know, sharp edges myself.

Posted by Lloyd Clydesdale | March 29, 2007 5:58 PM

Somebody's been smokin the ganja.

Posted by Red Wendy | March 29, 2007 6:19 PM

Charles, do you ever read and respond to any of the criticisms on here? Or does your incoherent pomposity totally drain you after "writing" your posts?

Posted by Sally Struthers Lawnchair | March 29, 2007 6:44 PM

sally, i do think that the comment is a space for comments not for the poster. i try to limit my involvement in comments because that seems to be an intrusion.

Posted by charles mudede | March 29, 2007 9:08 PM

Charles, I have the opposite view...the comments section can be a way to have interaction with the person posting. Look at the above comments....there are several people asking you what the fuck you are talking about. Maybe you aren't interested in dialogue with readers?

Posted by Sally Struthers Lawnchair | March 29, 2007 9:31 PM

I think this whole thing just reeks of laziness. It's yr job to SLOG so you take three minutes to post this nonsensical bullshit and don't bother to explain yrself when people call you on it. Thanks for reading my can go back to sleep now.

Posted by Red Wendy | March 29, 2007 9:55 PM

yeah, Charles,
I usually find a lot of interest in your articles and posts, but you're stretching it here. Would you be happy if every ethiopian immigrant worked in an ethnic restaurant? I'm Jewish, maybe I should restart my education in a field more suited to some misguided notion of cultural authenticity - banking, perhaps?

I don't mean to sound overly pejorative, but don't you think sometimes that you see things where they don't really exist? I'm sure that even real estate agents in ancient, non-western cultures had to smile and be friendly in whatever manner their clients found most comfortable.

Posted by djbell | March 29, 2007 11:11 PM

Is there a way to filter out Charles Mudede's incoherent posts from the Slog? They are distracting, at best.

Posted by Not worth it | March 29, 2007 11:27 PM

Charles once annoyed the hell out of me, too, but that fades with time. This cat is way out there. He sees things through a completely different lens than we do. After a while, the enormous gulf of incomprehension between him and his readers becomes rather amusing. And he usually elicits some pretty funny smart-ass remarks.

P.S. Charles, commenters love it when you and the gange reply (unless you say something mean).

Posted by Sean | March 30, 2007 12:23 AM

I think the reason fat women aren't held up as a standard of beauty is largely a cultural thing, albeit a very deeply ingrained one - but I'd also like to point out that if we had a king, whatever his fetish is would be the standard of beauty. Instead, the standard is what the most people like, and will pay for the imagination of.

Posted by Noink | March 30, 2007 6:41 AM

Charles there were also Kings of yore who didn't like to have their women drink beer to look volumptuious.
Some thought that body resembled their mother, which most older women are chubby or big boned,
and those Kings with big mothers like their girlfriends slim, thin, and different and for some smaller or taller.
Everyone faancys something unique in what they find attractive. But for the most part slim reminds man of healthy beings who can hunt with them and jump
over logs and continue the lust.
For some they just settle for
'hey goyl grab me a beer eh? know I said just grab me a beer. just get it and stop acting like my mother. Your starting to look like her already. blaaah.
' do I look fat?' says the goyl.

Posted by DreadLion | March 30, 2007 8:22 AM

At 28:

We did have a king (sort of) and his wife's look remains iconic. I'm of course referring to JFK. The trim and athletic brunette in a tailored suit showing a well-turned ankle - that still resonates well in our culture.

Posted by camelot rules | March 30, 2007 9:52 AM

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