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Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Very Final Installment of Neal Pollack Fact of the Day

posted by on February 1 at 15:38 PM

This is the very last installment of Neal Pollack Fact of the Day because the big event at Chop Suey is tonight.

People who’ve been to The Stranger’s past literary events with Jonathan Safran Foer and Zadie Smith will recognize the format. In addition to the headliner, there’s a special guest—tonight’s special guest is the famous snowboarder Dan Savage. There is a band—the glorious “Awesome,” the newly anointed “official band” of Stranger literary events, who’ve written some scathing/hilarious songs about Savage and Pollack. And there is an MC—tonight it’s Sean Nelson—whose main job is to ask Pollack a lot of wild, inappropriate questions you would be too afraid to ask yourself.

I did ask Pollack a question over email this morning though, a question inspired by yesterday’s Line Out post about what music Stranger staffers listen to when they have sex. Without further ado, the final NPFOTD:

FACT: Neal Pollack listens to DJ Cheb i Sabbah when he’s making love to his beautiful wife. What does this tell us about Mr. Pollack? “He thinks he’s having sex in 1,001 Nights,” says Charles Mudede.

[We’re going to play DJ Cheb i Sabbah before the show tonight. More lovin’ for everyone! Pollack’s new book is about being a “hipster” dad—expect Nelson to grill him on what the hell that means. The P-I’s take on it is here. Chop Suey is at 1325 E Madison Street. Doors fly open at 7 pm—if you want a seat, get there early. Show starts at 8 pm. It’s 21+. And it’s FREE!]

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OMG i'm so sick of hearing about Neal Pollack and Alternadad. Never read the book and I've nothing against him, but talk about "hipster" media saturation...

Let's get back to Donnie Davies, the viaf_ct or how irritating people from Bellevue are...

Posted by pffft | February 1, 2007 4:15 PM

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