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this post is a little obscure

hope they build the race car track - 40 miles from Seattle

I will go with beer, snacks, weed, wine and condoms

Posted by skater homo | February 4, 2007 2:52 AM

It's true. It's all about target audience. Way to try to expand the awareness of yours Dominic! 'We have a Lt. Gov.? How obscure!'
I'm most excited by the mention of "public financing" of the track. I adore paying for sporting facilities!

Posted by ecchi | February 4, 2007 9:17 AM

Wow, Brad Owen is still alive? Why?

The various NASCAR plans lost their only chance when it became apparent that NASCAR's supposed success is a lie; dwindling crowds at half full tracks across the country tell a very different story than race officials. They're asking for ridiculous subsidies, and they're not going to get them.

Posted by Fnarf | February 4, 2007 9:49 AM

The fact that their biggest advocate in the state is Brad Owens is proof that they're going nowhere. Brad Owens is the least impressive, least important person in the entire state.

Posted by Fnarf | February 4, 2007 9:58 AM

I say we'll have that Race Track built in Kitsap county before your Viaduct plan even sees a caterpillar bull dozer.
King county does not rule what Kitsap county does and don't forget that. You got your two stadiums, now we want ours. And a lot of us out here like racing, and fairs, and outdoor barbecues. Besides now i'll have a place to race my 65 GTO. It'll give kids another outlet and mostlikely turn Bremerton from the gloomy ghost town, into a lively vibrant place. It will create jobs, and it will give back to the community.
So being a member of the club in support of the racetrack over here I am going to support the proposal as long as it does the followin.

From the Kitsap sun
Bill Packers say bill is a better one.
'in terms of financing,inflation has driven up anticipated costs of construction from last years estimate of $345 million to $368 million,johnson said,but ISC will seek no additional revenues from state resources. ISC will pay for cost overruns,upkeep(jobs people,jobs)and capitol projects needed to maintain the highest standing with NASCAR,the officials said.

So the new proposal is much better than the original in that it is much better than existing agreeements with the Seattle Seahawks and the Mariners, as well as recent proposals dealing with the Sonics, all of which involve
local tax increases(ring , ring).
The ISC proposal is based on paying for track facilities out of excess sales tax revenues generated by out of state visitors coming to the track."
source Kitsap Sun,Christopher Dunagan.

And heres the power house unless you all do not care about Bremerton and other towns outside of Seattle.

How the Nascar Site would be a $473,000
boon for Bremerton

So the inconvenience would be a mess of traffic from Nascar fans a weekend a year. Mayor Bozeman said.
Subtracting costs from revenues, the SKIA with a track would mean a new $52,984 annual revenue stream for the city,said Laura Lyon, Bremerton financial services director.
With a track, the revenues would be $475,235. she said.
The capitol cost for having the speedway would be $55.3 million, of which the city would spend $7 million.
Without the speedway, the cost would be around $9.9 million,with the city picking up $3.2 million of it, Lyon said.
Bozeman said he asked staff to look at the figures because the city has to look at ways of increasing revenues to provide the serveces he and other city leaders want the city to offer.
Other revenue streams on which the city once relied, have shrunk. Sales tax revenues are accounting for more of the cities income than property taxes, a new developement in the cities history.He said.
Bozeman pointed to the cities street repair fund.
"I mean, it's almost like we have none."he said.
If the city were to continue at work at its current pace, it would take 90 years to repair all the city's streets.

So , Bozeman said,he wanted to know, the potential risk of annexing the SKIa, with or without a speedway.

So one I suppot the Track yes
and two Get off Bozemans back.
The guy is looking at this objectively. and three Stay out of Kitsaps business King county. You got your theme parks, And stadiums (one that was raised and destroyed) and other sources of entertainment money driven corporations.
We want a racetrack and When I got this flier for the Racetrack at last year hotrod shows, I said right on I'll back you guys up. So do a lot of other people. And King County has nothing to do with it. You all should come to Bremerton and spend some money over here. but now, alas, Seattles the only place to go and do anything if we do not build this race track. Kitsap county fair and demolitions derbys is about all we got and thats not saying much.
Screw that complacency. NASCARS coming to the Northwest, someday hopefully soon and now I have a place to drag race my GTO.
And this will be an opportune time to actively pursue my graphics design into commercialism , yes. To advertise . Yes. To sell T-shirts, yes. and to promote peoples cars. Yes. Rockabilly, Racing and yes Beer and women. OOOOO scary. We are coming for your children aaaaagh! I can see the freaks running for the hills. Or is that to much of a sin these days. Come on church elders lets see you throw a monkeywrench for this latest proposal for everyone to just live a little.
And create jobs for that living a little. Stop with the judging and pointing out the sins of youth and beer culture. Its getting to be a boring argument. This whole influence thing. Its like my kids going to be a gangbanger if he goes to a rap concert
waah, waah, waah. Quit whining about superbowl ads and Nascar and its influence of youth culture. We've already been brainwashed with moral nonsense and have rebeled already. Now we pay the consequences of entertainment and art as our only virtue left. Anyone want to race me and my GTO this summer. Meet at the track.

Posted by sputnik | February 4, 2007 11:44 AM

always worth it belongs to budweiser.

Posted by kerri harrop | February 4, 2007 12:18 PM

International Speedway Corporation (ISC) that is pushing this track, is a publicly traded company with billions in assest.
If they want a track, let them pay for every penny of it, including road, ferry and infrastructure improvements.
To ask the taxpayers to pony up for this thing is outrageous.

Posted by Kruger | February 4, 2007 1:35 PM

#7 I totally agrreee. We know that. Its just up to the guys with the money to poney up. My Gtos waitning. anyone want to give me a shot. Oh theres some
right here. my own ambition. No matter what I'll drag my GTO here or in california--------at the salt flats by Bakersfield.. I love that town. lots of memories.

Posted by sputnik | February 5, 2007 2:47 AM

People out on the Pacific coast and across the mountains care about NASCAR. Nobody in Puget Sound does.

Posted by The CHZA | February 5, 2007 6:43 AM

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