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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today on Line Out

posted by on January 30 at 16:02 PM

Hallelujah!: Dave Segal Likes a Gospel Album.

Minimal Mode: Villalobos Remixes Depeche Mode.

Star Spangled: Hillary Clinton = Still Better Than Roseanne.

High Fidelity: Sonic Boom Employees = Still Nicer Than Jack Black.

Arrested Development: Another Reason Not to Watch the Grammy Awards.

White People’s G-spots: David Schmader and Ashlee Simpson.

Kornspace?: Korn Unplugged.

Bonham-Sized: Trent Moorman’s Huge Drum Sounds.

Dreamgirl Realness: Jennifer Holliday’s Live Soul.

$233,078: The Vera Project Makes Bank.

Stargazer: Shelagh McDonald’s Strange Trip.

Nearly Complete: Ulysses and Bryan Ferry.

Can’t Get No Respect: But You Can Get Plants for Home, Office, and Balcony.

Information Is Beautiful: The Idea.

rockrockfuckingROCK: Two Songs at the Same Time.

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