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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


posted by on December 5 at 13:31 PM

Bethany Jean Clement, she of the intimidating vocabulary, has discovered this one for me: albedo. Follow that link and click on that little red speaker icon thing and a man will say it for you.

I may use it in an adventure article I’m writing for next week’s Stranger, if I can figure out a way to make it sound not totally pretentious.

For now, please enjoy some random photos of excellent albedo:




All hail albedo!

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Wait, albedo is a pretentious word? Stupid uppity astronomers!

Posted by gfish | December 5, 2006 2:00 PM

Well, if I go ahead with it, I won't be describing the moon or anything. I'll be describing some fine spray, all lit up.

Posted by christopher frizzelle | December 5, 2006 2:10 PM

yeah, down with orange rinds!!

Posted by seattle98104 | December 5, 2006 2:12 PM

there's a vangelis album and song titled "albedo 0.39". that's all i know of albedo. it think it's cover is a good reflection of albedo. at least better than that weird mashed potato shot in the middle of this post!

Posted by terry miller | December 5, 2006 2:19 PM

Terry--you mean the crack cocaine? Mmmm, crack cocaine. Such nice albedo it has.

Posted by christopher Frizzelle | December 5, 2006 3:48 PM

For more M-W enjoyment, go to, search for "son of a bitch", and listen to the SECOND pronunciation.

Posted by Violet_DaGrinder | December 5, 2006 3:58 PM

Where did she learn that word? She must have been talking to a GENIUS.

Posted by Rob Lightner | December 5, 2006 7:20 PM

..or perhaps reading the comic of the same name back in the late '80s. Lovely anthropomorphism that one.

Posted by treacle | December 6, 2006 1:15 AM

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