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Friday, December 1, 2006

This Weekend at the Movies

posted by on December 1 at 15:15 PM

The exciting local movie news this week is James Longley’s Iraq in Fragments won the Gotham Award for documentary, beating out nominees An Inconvenient Truth (the Oscar front-runner), Deliver Us from Evil, and more. The more attention it gets in the weeks leading up to the Oscar nominations, the better chance it has of making the final five. (It’s already made the 15-film shortlist.)

Here in Seattle, Iraq in Fragments is back at the Crest ($3!) for another week. See it, see it, see it, or risk missing the first locally-produced Oscar nominee in… I don’t know, ever?

If you haven’t read Lindy West’s review of The Nativity Story, um…. SCREEEEEE! I think I can confidently say her review is 8 billion times funnier than the movie.


At Northwest Film Forum, you’ve missed today’s marathon screening of Béla Tarr’s Sátántangó (the 7+ hour formalist epic is considered the Hungarian filmmaker’s masterpiece), but you can still catch it tomorrow and Sunday from 2 until 10 or so (screens with two welcome intermissions). My preview is herelooks like I’m not going to be able to make it, unless my obligations on Sunday somehow dissolve, so you’ll earn permanent cinephile bragging rights over me if you do. (The Tarr series continues next week with Damnation and Werckmeister Harmoniesboth reviewed here.)

Also opening today: 10 Items or Less (shouldn’t that be “fewer”?), The Beales of Grey Gardens, and Fuckall reviewed here. Plus, Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj and Turistas.


The Stranger’s carefully prepared, lovingly updated Movie Times.

And Film Shorts, a compendium to all dance films (NEXT Fest NW!), planned chaos experiments (Bring Your Own Projector!), Humphrey Bogart-in-a-face-surgery-mask (Dark Passage!), and Grand Illusion’s program of bits and pieces of film they found lying around the projection booth (late nights now only $2.50 for members and $5 for the general public!).

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That is so fucking awesome about "Iraq in Fragments" taking the Gotham Award.

Posted by David Schmader | December 1, 2006 3:27 PM

Kinda picky, but the dance films are not part of Northwest New Works (an On the Boards program). They're part of Velocity's NEXT Fest NW. I know, I know, similar names = PITA, but both are former Stranger Genius Award-winning orgs so I thought I'd point it out.

Posted by genevieve | December 1, 2006 3:45 PM

corr-ect! should be fixed.

Posted by annie | December 1, 2006 3:50 PM

Turistas ... well, some friends didn't understand my coded warning about what the subject matter would be (scary horror flick where young teens/adults get naked and have fun and sex and are tortured, killed, etc afterwards) and went to see it thinking it would just be a gritty film.

Man, were they surprised.

If you liked SAW, go see this flick.

Me, I'd rather see The Holiday - very very good, much more fun, much better acting.

Posted by Will in Seattle | December 1, 2006 4:50 PM

Go see Casino Royale. It's a great flick.

Posted by I [heart] Bond | December 1, 2006 5:35 PM

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