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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ten-Item Extension

posted by on December 15 at 15:59 PM

Due to some miscommunication with ebay, ten of our Strangercrombie packages will be available for bidding until tomorrow at noon. (They closed some auctions early, we set them back up, there’s a ten-day minimum for all auctions, blah blah blah.)

Those packages are (please imagine the rolling of a thousand tiny drums):

1. Silver Platters gift certiļ¬cates.

2. Buy an enthusiastic review of the CD of your choice for The Stranger’s January 25 issue.

3. A gift certificate to the Triple Door.

4. Sixteen boxes of porn.

5. Band t-shirts.

6. A signed copy of the screenplay to Shortbus.

7. The So You Wanna Be Orson Welles package.

8. The Harvey Danger cover song.

9. The Pearl Jam lovers’ package.


10. The goddamned vespa.

The rest of the bidding stops in one hour.

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