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Saturday, December 9, 2006

In Heaven, everyone wears cha cha heels

posted by on December 9 at 10:44 AM

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Van Smith, who created costumes and makeup for John Waters’ films, and helped Divine refine her signature look, is dead at 61, reports The New York Times.

Mr. Waters had this to say in the Baltimore Sun obituary:

“Divine’s look was totally Van’s creation,” Mr. Waters said yesterday, recalling that “he used portions of the film budget to buy an endless supply” of disposable razors to shave Divine’s body.

He said that Mr. Smith “knew every thrift shop in Baltimore” as a source of costumes and that he swore by cheap cosmetics. Mr. Smith favored Maybelline Black Velvet eyeliner.

Mr. Waters said that his collaborator experimented with all sorts of fake breasts - including socks, rags, foam rubber and a bra filled with lentils. “Van thought the lentils were the best because they moved with Divine.”

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