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Monday, December 4, 2006

Fair Zoo

posted by on December 4 at 7:16 AM

Admittedly, I was expecting the worst from the Seattle Times’ staff columnist Danny Westneat. But instead he wrote a clear, calm, and fairly fair piece on what the movie Zoo is about.

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That review was great, pointing out the hypocrisy of people who deride the film, but will ultimately go and see it. I can’t wait to see it. Is it going to play at the SIFF?

Also, I read the review to...the...last...word.

Posted by Monique | December 4, 2006 8:10 AM

Nice! I can't wait to see it! when do "friends and family" get to see it?

Posted by candyqueen | December 4, 2006 8:17 AM

Apparently due to an ad ("Get the next generation of Smileys!") on the same page as Westneat's column, my computer just screamed, "OH MY GOD! NO WAY!" as I read.

Posted by bethany jean clement | December 4, 2006 10:02 AM

You took the horse-fucking case as a starting point for a movie?!! Charles Mudede, I'm your biggest fan. Serious, this rocks.

Posted by Mokawi | December 4, 2006 2:00 PM

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