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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Great, Big Weekend

posted by on October 19 at 10:13 AM

1. Naturally, the Genius Awards party Saturday night at 9 at the Henry. Christopher Frizzelle introduces the thinking behind the Genius in today’s issue.

And along with stories about Vis Art winners Lead Pencil Studio and Shortlisters Cat Clifford, Jeffry Mitchell, Cris Bruch, and Dawn Cerny, I did my first podcast!, with Lead Pencil.

The thing is 50 minutes long, but it’s worth listening to, I swear. Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo even imitate a peacock as they tell the epic story of this summer’s installation, Maryhill Double. (Please ignore my horrible high-pitched laughter.)

More vis-art podcasts to come. Who do you want to hear? I’m taking suggestions.

2. Opening tonight at Howard House, 6-8 pm, and followed by an artist talk at the gallery Saturday at noon.

EUR, the southern suburb of Rome planned and only partly executed by Mussolini for a Universal Exhibition celebrating fascist Italy is the setting for “Murmurs.ā€¯ Tens of thousands of starlings descend on the area in the winter months, and are the subject of a collaborative work by Richard Barnes, Alex Schweder, and Charles Mason.


3. The East River Project—a series of online downloads and direct street-encounter artworks that “activate” the streets of the International District, by Gretchen Bennett and Yann Novak—has its opening, including a performance, from 6 to 8 pm on Sunday at Erich Ginder Studio, 512 5th Ave S.

4. The semi-annual members show at Crawl Space—this time introducing a new member in the roster, the painter Ori Ornstein—opens Saturday night 6-9 pm. When you’re done there (504 E Denny Way), come over to Genius.

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