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Friday, September 8, 2006

Dirtier than HUMP!

Posted by on September 8 at 15:04 PM

I was just up at the desk of our production guy Dan Paulus, who showed me his most prized personal posession:

animal krakaz.JPG

Animal crackers 69ing! He found them in the box this way 2 years ago. Although the HUMP! rules exclude porn involving animals, we can still speculate — what kind of animals are they? It seems to be some cross-species action between a… polar bear? And a koala?

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It looks like the finger-in-curled-fingers-of-other-hand obscene gesture of which I am so fond.

dirty danny p: a prince among men

Sarah, you've got to stay away from the glue.

Thanks people at the stranger for ruining yet another treasured childhood memory :P At least PeeWee Herman is still pure and good.


Hey, lets get Mikey...he'll eat it.

Oh hell, the truth is I'd eat too...I feel ashamed, kind of, but it does look tasty. :D

And one of them has a wee santorum problem...


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