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Monday, September 11, 2006

Woman is the Nigger of the World

Posted by on September 11 at 13:10 PM

I voted for The Booker Hoss Show for the sole reason that the music to the first sex scene was John Lennon performing a gorgeous demo of his 1971 (?) first-wave feminist anthem, Women is the Nigger of the World.

The giant studio version of that song never worked, but this demo was stunning—and as a sound track to a couple fucking in the shower, it was provocative in a smarty pants way. “Just take a look at the one your with.” Totally shocking. I love that the sentiments, energy, ager, art from the renaissance late ’60s/early ’70s can still be totally shocking.

The second sex scene, the wild gang bang, was set to Lennon’s Working Class Hero. It wasn’t as unnerving and weird as the first sex scene, but it was still an inspired choice…and linked back to the WITNOTW scene…which seemed cool and arty.

Three cheers for John Lennon. Three cheers for sex in the shower.

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'20s are the first wave. '70s are the second wave. '80s are the new wave. tehran glitter is the wavy wave.

You haven't even heard Tehran Glitter!
But I luv the Ghost Pop '20s wave.

do you deny that it's the wavy wave?

Well, obviously it's part of the wavy wave. I don't know that it's THE wavy wave.

you know, i read it in a magazine.

There are so many reasons why those songs were just plain wrong for a porn scene.

For starters, there's the unsexiness of John and Yoko. The album cover with naked John curled in fetal position next to Yoko is enough to kill my erection for weeks.

Then there's the message of the song and its associated guilt trip for watching porn. Again, bye bye boner.

Finally, there's the impossible to ignore sense that the soundtrack is actually degrading the woman in the scene by calling her a nigger. Not even the blue pill can help me now.

The soundtrack made the scenes so disturbing, so uncomfortable to watch, that maybe the choice really was a stroke of genius.

"stroke" of genius...yeah, uh-huh, I get it! gah!

Yoko is about as "nigger" as John was "working class", i.e., not even a little tiny bit. She's got damn near a billion dollars in the bank.

Sean... irony. Learn it, love it.

I'll also reiterate the comment I left Dan about Booker Hoss in a previous entry, since it's topical to this entry and all:

I actually thought Booker Hoss was among the best, simply because it was totally done (PUN INTENDED) for laughs and didn't take itself seriously (especially the intros, "This is our wheel that my dad didn't come over to help me finish...." and prize announcement). I mean, hell, the fuck scenes were ran at double speed.

The part near the end where she nearly shit herself was the grossout moment for me, tho. Also, when she spoke at the end, she sounded disturbingly familiar....

Wow, Fnarf (or Steve), pretty impressive. In 2 easy sentences you show you know nothing about John Lennon, his life or his music.

Wanna test me, Queequeg?

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