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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Warm Up for Liveslogging Sunday!

Posted by on September 26 at 8:33 AM

Hey Y’all:

From Chicago, sorry to hear about Alexander’s foot. Really. I mean, when the Bears win Sunday, we don’t want any of that “Our best player was hurt” excuse-making.

But this is just a warm-up for Sunday’s duelling liveslogging event. Check out what my old college buddy, Mike Mulligan, now the Chicago Sun-Times NFL columnist, has to say about ways that the Seahawks can win come Sunday.

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Matt and his four wide-out packages are going to eat up the Bears’ defense. Word. And no team so far has looked even competent against the Seahawks’ D. Seattle 28 Chicago 6.

Why would we say our best player was hurt? Matt Hasselbeck, Walter Jones and Lofa Tatupu will all be playing.

In Shaun's absence, we'll let Mack Strong punch in a few from the 1-yard line on Sunday.

Holmgren has been eviscerating the chicago bears for over a decade, so I'm sure he'll appreciate the opportunity to revist soldier field for a nice, nostalgic beat down ;)

...And since when have the bears had anything but a "vaunted defense"? The reason the giants got caught so off guard last week was because with a new four wide-out set holmgren can finally return to the bread-and-butter plays that he perfected back in titletown with farve.

the only way that the bears could hope to win is to keep pressure on hasselbeck.

as for morris he's not alexander but he's going to be good for some yardage which is all you'll need if you've got a good passing game.

looking forward to the game!

First, sorry the link isn't live, but I'm new to this actual slogging instead of having my brother post it. If any stranger staffer wants to enliven it, or clue me in on how to do so, that'd be great.

Second, Holmgren did indeed beat up on the Bears for years. That was then, this is now. The Bears Defense is superb in the Red Zone, and sending four receivers out is fine with them--one less blocker in the backfield means sacks and turnovers. And our special teams are ranked best in the league--kicker hasn't missed one, and the coverage and return teams are kicking ass and taking names.

Sunday is too far away. . .

Mulligan's article was interesting and well written, but the real question is, What does Jay Mariotti think? That man is an idiot savant (minus the savant part).

"Hasselbeck fancies himself a poor man's Peyton Manning." Christ, that would make him the banjo playing kid from Deliverance.

Jay Mariotti is a confirmed lunatic, unhinged, insane. He was busy beating up on the White Sox today, but I'll link to whatever blathering nonsense he comes up with about the Bears-Seahawks.

Good thing your kicker's hot, Bill, he's your ENTIRE offense! Grossman isn't just your QB's name, it's also the description of his red zone play. Gross, man.

an oldie but a goodie. Sunday too far away, indeeeeeeed

Seattle's going to kick Chicago's ass!

Don't be a fascist, Jean. Our town is in no way superior to their town. We are all just travelers on this spaceship earth, fighting “the corporations.”

Even though Old Style tastes like piss.

don't be silly pope--gary, indiana is superior to chicago. people from chicago eat bugs. ;)

if thats one thing seattle needs to do, it is to learn to talk shit about other cities. tacoma is a good start, but we need to be a little better on this one... of course i don't think seattlites could rip on any city better than they rag on their own. we need to focus this critical energy outward from time to time.

Are we really talking as if the BEARS have a CHANCE? The Seahawks defense is playing above expectations; Hamlin and company have made the secondary an impenetrable blue wall. The Seahawk Defense is third in the NFL.

As far as the O, they (The Seahawks) are putting on an air show, and they have some pretty solid receivers and Max Strong and co provides enough of a running game. LSD is going to be a sad and grey place to be after the game…

Saying the Bears have a chance is just simple Chicagoan noise boy, Chicagoan noise...

Mack Strong. Need that online editor yo.

Is this fantastic Seahawks defense going to play all four quarters this time?

Why play four quarters when you only have to play two?

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