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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vandalism at the Sculpture Park!

Posted by on September 13 at 15:49 PM

At the Dan Savage Memorial Sculpture Park in the traffic circle at 14th and Howell, of course, not the Olympic Sculpture Park on the Elliott Bay waterfront. (The OSP’s postponed opening date will be announced tomorrow, I’m told—it will be sometime in early 2007—along with the opening date for the expanded Seattle Art Museum headquarters on First and Union in spring ‘07.)

The DSMSP vandals defaced that park’s inaugural installation, a text-based piece, by savagely (yes!) ripping out from under the dirt mound that held it down the car tire that read, “Dan Savage.” They then transported the piece in question to the offices of the Stranger, where they tossed it over our fence for us to find this morning.

The following photos, taken by Sarah Mirk, are a recreation of the journey the tire took after its traumatic removal by vandals, rolling from its resting place in our doorway


past the chipperest, sunshiniest reception desk in the world


and right up into Savage’s chair.


DS is away until Friday, but MSP, keep the faith. Vandalism will out.

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I must say that I'm shocked and saddened by this. I'm about to get on a plane to go to London, but I when I get back I know what will make me feel better: Dumping ten or eleven computer monitors in MY TRAFFIC CIRCLE! Bwaa-hah-hah!

Jesus, is that Dan's desk??

I almost had a panic attack just looking at a picture of that blizzard of paperwork.


You should hire me to organize and alphabetize. You will love it. Long time.

This is hilarious! People in Seatte love to get upset so they can feel superior. I loved the tires and computer monitors in the traffic circle. It's real people's art.

Hey everyone, bring your old computer monitors down to The Stranger's office and toss them over the gate! Let's see how much art we can create by morning!

Are you gonna send an intern to replace the tire in the DSMSP?

How about a photo of the traffic circle as it looks now?

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