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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Triumphant Return of Arts in America (and Elsewhere)

Posted by on September 12 at 16:48 PM

Goddamn it. With all the HUMPing and various other oppressively timely work obligations, I totally dropped the ball on my week of wrangling Arts in America. I shall now make up for it with the most satisfying Arts in America post in history, or at least so far this week.

*Pitchfork may insist on spurning it, but 50,000,000 Brits can’t be wrong: The Scissor Sisters’ ridiculously charming new single “Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” hits #1 on the British singles chart.

*Food is an art, too, and Seattle’s own Flying Fish has just been announced as the winner of the 2006 Sante Restaurant Award for Culinary Hospitality Restaurant of the Year.

*Stamps are art, too, and Britain’s Royal Mail has announced it will release six new ones featuring Beatles album covers.

*Meanwhile in New York, students at NYU are being warned of the dangers of drugs, drink, and date rape via a new musical.

*And finally, Brendan Kiley suggests you see a movie:

Talk to Her (FILM) The movie never name-checks Morrissey, but it is about girlfriends in comas and the men who stand vigil over them. The women: a female matador (gored) and a young dancer (car accident). The men: Marco (a heartsick journalist) and Benigno (an obsessive mama’s boy). The relationships are startlingly tempestuous, seeing as how half of each couple is unconscious—there are breakups, unexpected romances, violations of trust, and a funny, weirdly sexy film-within-a-film called The Incredible Shrinking Lover. (Harvard Exit. See Movie Times, page 84, for details.) BRENDAN KILEY

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They're not giving a stamp to Rubber Soul? What a travesty. That one, and Beatles For Sale, are the best covers they did.

Fnarf: I totally agree (though I have a soft spot for Meet/WIth as well...)

The superhero stamps here are cool. Gay childhood icons like Wonder Woman and Supergirl not to mention muscular men in tights.

"Talk to Her" was a very good movie. 4 years ago.

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