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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Morning News (Grim Anniversary Edition)

Posted by on September 11 at 7:52 AM

Five years ago today. Speeches, mourning, media overkill to mark the occasion. Bush will address the nation tonight. Moments of silence at 8:46, 9:03, 9:59 and 10:29 a.m. ET

Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden remains at large; the U.S. is still having trouble with the Taliban; and al-Qaida celebrates the anniversary with a new video.

In some non-9/11 news:

Hamas and Fatah are forming a coalition government.

Space shuttle Atlantis has managed to dock with the International Space Station without going kablooey.

Crime rates are hitting a new low, probably because Americans are becoming better shots.

The King of Tonga’s 41 years of rule have come to an end.

More and more employers are using credit checks to sift through potential hires.

And finally: Seattle area garbage strike, we hardly knew you.

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Re Bin Laden still being at large, this piece in the WaPo is pretty damning in its description of how the administration basically gave up the hunt at a critical moment.

But the biggest headline of the morning is that fact that Anna Nicole Smith had her baby and the next day her 22 year old son died.

Howard Stern replayed his show from 9/11. I was struck by how the country was so caught up in retribution then. It is amazing how W took such a narrow focus and led it so far astray that no one really feels any urgency to find Osama bin Laden. How did he do it?

No amount of Lying in Speeches will change the basic FACT that Bush and his cronies are LIARS and FAILURES.

What's your new Five Year Plan, Bushies?

Coprophagia Update: There are shiteaters, & then there are nuanced shiteaters. Fnarf ('I eat my own turds') is a nuanced shiteater.

He'd be a regional treasure, like John Carlson, if only he'd learn to eat with his mouth closed. But unlike Carlson, fnarf is so deudedly clever that he can see my agenda & he can probably see Gunga Dan's bruises. (Savage homos, you'll recall, declaim that they were beaten up by James Dobson, but the bruises are invisible to normal viewers. That's why we need a nuanced shiteater with x-ray vision. We need him, & we got him. Praise God.)

Coprophagia Update, Part Deux, the Sequel: Oh dear. Just noticed that nuanced fnarf ('I eat my own turds') is so deucedly clever that he claims that Paulie Wingnutz posed as the poster formerly known as fnarf while posting 'I eat my own turds.' Or Paul is so deucedly clever that he's posing as the sockpuppet known as fnarf, & is dazzling us with the clever trope of outing himself and his (fnarf/paul's) wife.

OK. I'm getting a little annoyed. Let me be clear here.

Any posts claiming to be from "Fnarf" that reference poo-eating are not from me.

Every imposter "Fnarf" post is accompanied by a later post from me, the real Fnarf, detailing exactly which Fnarf is which.

I'm sure this little game is hilariously funny for Paulie the Shit Eater, just as the previous game -- posting under my real name Steve Thornton -- was, but it's not particularly funny for me. It's retarded. Paul, if you're reading this: you're an idiot.

It's time to go to registered commenters.

This is getting way too nuanced for the rest of us. Will try to bring in John le Carré to sort it out.

Meanwhile, just need to know if you've had your minimum daily requirement of fnarfmards today.


What on earth did you write to Paul to unleash this, or is Paul just plain old petty?

This is who I am, Golob, and I am very, very annoyed:

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My name is Steve Thornton, and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA.

I am a member of WikiProject Opera and WikiProject Football.

In conclusion, I do not eat my own turds.


Well Fnarf, I am gratified that you've kept commenting despite this childish shit. It is genuinely pleasurable to read your insightful, well read and considered comments.

Posting "I eat turds" under someone else's name is the equivalent of pulling a shirt over one's head and screaming "my brain is full!"

Actually, Golob, posting (as faux Fnarf) that I eat my own turds is worse than childish. It is vile and vicious libel, and I will be avenged. I do not eat my own turds. Nor have I ever eaten my own turds except, perhaps, for one nuanced occasion. I do, however, eat my own smegma.

Neither of the two posters above (postst 10 and 11) is actually me. I am indeed Steve Thornton, and that is correctly taken from my Wikipedia page, which is further evidence that our damaged Paul is cyber-stalking me, or thinks he is. Fortunately he is not exactly brimming over with skilz beyond googling.

As for his motivation: I called him some nasty but very pertinent names a while back when he went off on one of his usual Neanderthal rants about how we should torture the crap out of the terrorist bastards whether we have the right ones or not just to show them how angry we are. Or something, I'm not sure. His "reasoning" is a bit hard to follow sometimes, because when he gets really, really mad he starts losing his ability to type, which is funny.

In short, I called him on his talk-show bullshit, and pointed out that George Bush and his sheeplike followers, like Paul, have done and are doing more damage to the United States than all the terrorists in the world.

But I've just about had it, though. Grow up, Paul.

Sorry, I meant "posts 10 and 12" are not me. Stranger staff: please take heed.

Thanks for those comments, Golob. The thing is, I have no objection to arguments or disagreements. But posting messages as "Steve Thornton" and "Fnarf", which are MY names, is profoundly unethical. It's just so very....Republican, don't you think?

heh. Yeah. A pity too, because coherent, non-hyperventillating posts by Paul were quite interesting. I acutally miss his different point of view, even if I disagreed with it more than not.

Whoa here.....

These posts are not mine.

Regarding ethics and libel Fnarf, the only person who identified Steve Thornton as Fnarf, was you.

It appears that your meltdowns over the past couple weeks have created a little fan club of people looking to have some fun with you.

However, I would suggest you look at placing blame on someone else.

I don't want to come across as patronizing here, but you are creating your own problems, the more your freak out and the more you post, the more people are going to be doing this to you.

Seriously, it's not me doing this to you.

Blow it out your ass, Paul. You're lying. You have posted as "Steven Thornton" -- the IP number proves it. Maybe you're the fake "Fnarf", maybe you're not, but you have posed as me in these threads.

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