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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on September 26 at 7:00 AM

Hysteria: It’s back, and just in time for Science Times Tuesday.

The N-word: It’s got legs in the Virginia Senate race.

Jamie Pedersen: Winner in Seattle’s 43rd District.

Tonight: Pervez Musharraf on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show.” For real.

And coming soon: Google for Seattle’s Metro Bus routes.

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Even though BusMonster often doesn't work, it still seems better than Google Transit.

I just tried that Google Bus Search. Yikes! I tried three different very easy routes that are accessible by a single bus route from door to door. In all 3, it gave me something other than the direct route, including multiple transfers.

Metro's own trip planner is great.

Virginia's George Allen:

Racist? Check.
Draft Dodger? Check.
Hateful liar and homophobe? Double check.

We need to remember that we do have a representative form of government, and George Allen has been Virginia's Governor and Senator. He truly represents that state because most of the people that live there are just like him.

busmonster has worked well for me--i've rarely had a problem

I just checked the Google Transit, and it had me walking 15 minutes to catch the supposed closest bus, when I know the closest and most direct route is a block away.

it sucks that the blowhard pedersen is our next rep. in the 43rd.

as a straight friend of mine said the other day, "he's totally "gay" in the bad sense of the word."

i'm extremely disappointed in ed murray too, for supporting him merely because he was the only homo on the ticket.

as a stranger reader i feel like i'm not the "right kind of person" pedersen feels like he should represent.

he may be the winner, but... what a loser.


What, exactly, are your negative feelings towards Jamie based upon?

I would like to know which policy positions you disagree with and why.

As I've noted before, voters in the 43rd are way more politically savvy than most, and are free to vote someone else in next time if they're not happy.

The constant character assassination is really tiresome, and smacks of trying to generate some fake controversy.

Save your vitriol for the Republicans who really are out to get you.

It's kind of funny to read the mincing steps the Times takes to avoid typing the hideous n-word. I mean, "the notorious epithet for blacks"? Come on. I'm surprised they didn't say "the word that rhymes with 'bigger,' but starts with the 14th letter of the alphabet."

I'm still confused why people are focusing on the "n word" when a witness has George Allen cutting off the head of a deer and stuffing it in the mailbox of a random unknown black person. Why don't people talk about that? It's a thousand times worse.

"as a straight friend of mine said the other day, "he's totally "gay" in the bad sense of the word.""

What does that mean exactly? How nice that a straight person feels they know so much about how gays are supposed to be.

Last week one item here had someone at Pedersen's election night party saying he was the "least gay" candidate in the race. So I guess he's either too gay or not gay enough.

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