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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Madden Curse

Posted by on September 25 at 15:55 PM

Shaun Alexander has a broken foot and will be out at least two weeks. Maurice Morris will get the start at RB in Chicago.

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From the third quarter on, with the game well in hand, I was screaming at the TV in the hope that Holmgren might hear me and take Alexander out.

No such luck.

Morris is an exceptional running back in his own right. I really don't think the team and its performance will suffer.


I think Morris is not as good as people think. He has impressive runs (5-6 yds a carry) but that is often because he is in on 3rd and long (7 or more yards)and the defense is set up to prevent the pass & not concerned with a five yard run that would result in 4th down anyways.

@3 - the thing that will help him is having 4 wideouts making the defense think twice. Thats what took holmgren and the packers to the superbowl; green bay never had an oustanding running game but their rich receiver corps got them enough yardage and the very fact that their passing game was so strong gave a so-so running game the boost it needed to be effective.

while the chicago game is arguably one of the toughest games we'll have the rest of the season (vikings will be tough too), the bye the following week will hopefully buy alexander the time he needs.

I'd like to see him come back in three to four weeks and hit his stride in the post-season.

Fuck you Madden! You obese, drooling slob!!

PS to Madden: Please please please put Eli Manning on your cover next year.

Him, you know big ben is going to be on need for speed...

Can we petition EA Sports to put Chad Eaton on the cover of Madden 2008? I for one cannot stand that vulgar, neckless pug.

The O-line made Alexander into a Superstar. They can do the same for Mo-Mo.

Create A Player?

Lemming Knolls?

At least Morris gives the impression that's he's running hard when he has the ball. He'll juke and high step it and try to make something happen when he catches a swing pass out of the backfield.

Have you ever seen Shaun catch a ball out of the backfield? When he does he catches it, turns around, runs about three yards, and falls down as soon as the first defender makes contact with him.

Maurice: He ain't no Mercury Morris.

Shawn Alexander has blown so far this season. Losing guard Steve Hutchinson to the Vikings was a bigger loss than people thought (I figured there was gonna be a significant dropoff). That guy played a big role in creating the holes that Shawn bulldozed through last season.

He's not gonna be as good this year or any subsequent years, unless they luck into the services of another all-pro guard.

Eaton, Hugh Millen, and that know-nothing sports reporter make for a totally sh*tty Seahawks post-game show team.

Their performance after the Giants win was embarassing.

Eaton in particular. The dude is f*ckin goon... a prime-time DOUCHEBAG, in full effect...

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