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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Guy Giving the Ride-the-Duck Tour Is Wrong, Too

Posted by on September 12 at 16:31 PM

Walked down to Occidental Park during lunch to see Michael Magrath’s salt sculptures of Iraqis, the ones that local news outlets are being stupid about. There are three of them in the square, scattered between the people and tables and trees. They are an Iraqi man, an Iraqi boy, and an Iraqi man carrying an Iraqi boy. Their details are an odd mix of careful and crude, and they faintly sparkle in the sun.

One of those Ride the Duck tour boats on wheels rolled up beside the park. The tour guide announced in his microphone: “The white statues are made of salt. They’re designed to melt in the rain. They’re a memorial to 9/11.” That was his whole explanation. “Here on the left is the best bookstore in Seattle…”


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With enough polish on it, the mere utterance of the words "9/11" will ring with the ghostly beauty of a finger being drawn around the top of a fine wine glass.

... followed by a kazoo quacking along to motley crue's kickstart my heart...

Ok. I'll take the bait.

What a canard!

Shut up, Frizzelle, you prick.

Dude. The sculptures were put up on 9/11. The Stranger Suggests copy says "not the Bush administration's idea of a good 9/11 memorial." So while the Duck's description may not be as indepth as it could be, it's not inaccurate. More importantly, it's the fucking Duck! You're expecting some deep political art critique? WTF.

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