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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Future of the Mirabeau Room

Posted by on September 5 at 16:55 PM


The rumors have been swirling for quite some time, and it does look like the Queen Anne nightclub is headed for big changes in either ownership or ambience. Owner Dave Meinert has confirmed that a sale to an undisclosed party is pending; if that does not go through, the club will be closing for remodeling at the end of this week. This week’s poetry and comedy showcases (slated for tonight and Wednesday, respectively) will still take place; the last scheduled event is this Saturday, when the band “Awesome” will perform. I’ll post more details as they become available.

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Wow, like the way they shamelessly copied the font and logo from Gatecrasher (Superclub in the north of England). I guess they changed the name at least :)

In 8th grade I came in second in our schools' "Get Your Version of our Class Mascot Painted on the Gym Wall" contest. Our class mascot was a lion. My dad drank Lowenbrau.

It is a sweet lion, after all.

Well, you might accuse Meinert of being a little uninformed (For shame Dave! Where is your vocabulary of English night clubs?) but the blame for that logo lies either in coincidence or the unimaginative rip off his designer sold him on.

Neither the font nor the logo is the same.

Good news on a new club opening. I hope they will redo the menu. I'd like to see an artesian cheese plate appetizer offered. A bar with some class would make Queen Anne a lot more vibrant. Poetry nights bore me, so many people who care more about the label of "poet" than really writing poetry. What real poet reads at a poetry night?

The lion is a classic pub logo. Brouwer's Pub in Fremont has a similar one, except for bright red nails. I like it:

Flip the nights around, Hannah.

The Poetry Slam is tonight...and the 31st and last episode of ComedyNight will be on Wednesday.

Those of us involved with ComedyNight certainly thank Dave Meinert for having given us the opportunity to showcase some of the best new comedic talent on a weekly basis.

We're looking for a new venue for our show...or to create a new show for a new venue...but what we had at The Mirabeau Room was very cool and its a shame that its ending (for us) tomorrow night.

Peter Greyy--ComedyNight show producer

Peter--fixed accordingly, thanks for the correction.

You see? How awesome, nice and prompt was THAT?

This is why Hannah will have a free drink ticket with her name on it waiting for her on Wednesday night.



How anyone could claim that logo or that font are original to ANYTHING is beyond me.

I could, for example, feign outrage that they used the lion from the Golden Lion Restaurant at the old Olympic Hotel, and stole that font from Club Seattle, but that would just be dumb.

Well, I think it's clear based on the comments here that the real reason that the club is closing down after being open for a couple of years is because of a poorly chosen font/logo combination...

Or maybe it was the particular shade of reddish orange that was chosen to put that font/logo into?

Geez, There really ARE too many graphic designers in this podunk town.

Why do I really not care about logo similarities. Must be because I,m not really a club goer, or wait... maybe it's because it really doesn't FUCKING matter.

Well, aside from the events, the place kind of petered out towards the last few months. They closed off the main room during off times, which looked great, and sardined everyone into the back room, which is dingy and has the atmosphere or your grandfather's den with a full bar.

I hope, whatever happens, that they open the doors on a considerable upgrade, or at least reopen the damn main room during off-show hours.

My grandfather's den with a full bar sounds perfect to me, especially compared to the average club.

My grandfathers, both of them, were a lot more interesting than a roomful of Cap Hill hepsters.

Peter at Comedy nights...

Loved your show but it goes on WAAAAAY too long. Last time I was there it went on for over two hours. That may not seem like a particularly long show - but given that it is spread out over so many comics (of varying funny-ness) it can drag a bit. But other than that - I love that you are doing it!

Boo-hoo. I miss Sorry Charlies. I'm really sad the mirabeau crew couldn't make a go of it. Good thing they took out an institution of OLD Seattle in order to try though.

Perhaps we can tear down some others?

I bet the Space Needle would make a great club.

How about turning Volunteer Park into a Frisbe Golf Course?

Pony Boy, we won't rest until we tear down ALL the institutions of old Seattle. Anything that drives out the remaining inbred white trash locals is fine with me. All they do is whine about how things aren't the way they were in 1987, anyway.

Hey June Bug,

We knew that ComedyNight was often too long of a show...and we tried to fix it in various ways but part of how the show was created contributed to why it was always going to push the show's size bigger.

Hopefully we'll remember that and fix it when we create a new show at a new venue.


Indeed, Fnarf, it's cliched but good old fun to hate on "Capitol Hill hepsters". These hepsters annoy some moody, thirtysomething Seattlites so much that club goers with good taste get painted with the same brush no matter what neighborhood they are in. Like Queen Anne. Where the Mirabeau Room is.

Hopefully the new owners will flout the smoking ban as much as the previous one.

smoking sucks dude.

I miss Sorry Charlie's, too. A great lounge, divey, low-key, full of neighborhood cocktailers. I got high, went there to play Golden Tee and drink Old Grandad. Bunch of fun.
I don't really club it, so I only tried the Mirabeau a couple of times. I'm not a hepster or a-hepster; I just couldn't give a christ, so no Mirabeau for me.
I think the Mirabeau-thing's time will come -- if it's not now. Just like in West Seattle prior, all the Queen Anne grayhairs are pretty much done being run out of the place. Come on you little young little peoples, you know you want some Queen Anne. Oh, you'll hear all about the Queen Anne neighborhood soon enough, Seattle.

Okay, maybe not FNARF'S grandfather's den....

Well, actually Lloyd, the people who ran the geezers out of Queen Anne were a) married couples with children, and b) career women who only go out looking for a future husband. Not exactly a party crowd.

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