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Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Bill Sherman Karaoke Tape

Posted by on September 7 at 8:47 AM

We tried to go all celebrity stalker on Bill Sherman last night, and were desperately hoping to catch him on video singing karaoke at the dyke bar Wild Rose, where he was holding a campaign event. But alas, it turns out even candidates for the state legislature have to wait in the long diva line at the Wild Rose, whether they’re there to court the lesbian vote or not.

The last thing Stranger paparazzo Kelly O heard before she had to dash off was a young woman (below) exclaiming: “Look! Bill Sherman with a REAL LIVE LESBIAN!”


Anyone out there stay long enough to hear Sherman’s song? Or perhaps better yet: What do you wish he’d sung?

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"You make me feel like a natural woman."

i believe bill sang an elvis tune-- and there were awesome dance moves that went with. people were asking for his autograph. no, seriously, they were.

so cool!

He could have sung "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" - with a dedication to Ed Murray...

"Teach Your Children Well"

Yeah but who is the hot young blondie next to him? Clearly Bill's got great friends! She should run next!

Hmph. Must so many dykes endeavour to look like the cute little gay boys I lust after? It's frustrating when I'm all cruisy and then notice the tits.

Bill has a fine singing voice. Well, except for Karma Chameleon - he just doesn't do falsetto that well.

I loved the hot soccer mom's contingent that Bill had at the event... I think they sang that Grease song.

Bill rocked out to Blue Suede Shoes. He knows how to dance!

dance moves? he had the kind of hip swagger and lip curl that drove the little girls (and boys) crazy.

ah, and those soccer moms are known as the kareoke super jam band The Smilfs

hey! that's my barista at starbucks in smith tower!

hey! that's me!

*i USED to be a barista at smith tower, yes. what was your poison? i probably would remember by the drink.

oh, and gitai: sorry i look like the little gay boys you like to cruise... its not something i try to do on purpose-- i just naturally kinda look like justin timberlake. :)

"landslide" cause he sees one a-coming

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