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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Suri Surfaces

Posted by on September 6 at 13:06 PM


Well, there you have it—she exists, and Annie Leibovitz has proof.

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How long since the baby was supposedly born? That kid looks kinda old to me.

Is that what a thetan looks like?

She has Edward Norton's eyes.

(See name.)

No scars from the horn removal; jacket hides the tail - excellent cover shot by Ms. Leibovitz.

So much hair!! Do they make baby-wigs?

Ain't that sweet... they kept it looking like Harvey Stephens...

Is Tom loosing his looks?

do i care? no.

I hate them! I hate them so much!

TMI. Don't care. Will die in the War in Iceland, after Princess Bush invades following the War on Iran.

The religion of Tom Cruise is disgusting. His career should be ruined. Mel Gibson also practices a terrible religion. As a Jew I feel it's my duty to fight for justice and the truth. These two popular actors are harming our young people.

Yes that baby looks like an old man wearing a wig.

God damn, how much do I hate Annie Liebowitz and Vanity Fair and the Cruises and their whole world? Drop a nuke on Hollywood, get it over with.

Scientology is a religion of hate. Tom Cruise should have his career ruined. Mel Gibson's religion is just as bad. Judaism is a religion of peace and love. It saddens my heart that the world's most peaceful religion is oppressed, while Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson are allowed to continue to make films.

Is that not the worst fucking headline imaginable or what?

Shoshana says:

Mel Gibson also practices a terrible religion ... Scientology is a religion of hate ... As a Jew I feel it's my duty to fight for justice and the truth.

Shoshana also said:

As a Jew, one thing I hate about Christians is they always have to show off their religion. You don't see American Jews going around bragging about being Jewish every five minutes.

Monkey says:

Shoshana, shut up.

Everyone else says:

Monkey, stop feeding the trolls.

..and for an on-topic comment, who do you think is going to grow up as the world's worst head-case: Michael Jackson's kid, or poor little Suri here?

Jackson's, hands down.

Being dropped from that balcony was the best possible outcome for that poor kid.

Rules of rebuilding your career/image when you are dumped by a movie studio because you are being crazy and most people are tired of you.

1) Apologize to Brook Shields and let the press know you did this privately for publicity. Actualy I think we all should have a shrine to Brook in our homes so we can apologize to it each day to purge our guilt.
2) Use new baby to boost image as a nice guy.
Well the next steps have not happened yet but you can fill them in when they happen. It should be something like famous friends saying swell things about Tom. Wait a minute I think Nicole Kidman did that recently I will have to check the tabloids it could be # 3.

I don't care what anyone says, that kid is Chris Klein's clone, mystery solved, you can all sleep better at night now.

I just want to cut through the cynicism for a second and say, dang, that's a cute kid.

Yet another bit of publicity for the vacuous of LaLa land.
Pair Tom Cruise and his Fiance with Paris Hilton and what do you get? An incredible waste of skin.

Tom who?

If they had to stoop so low as to lie about it, that's really sad! Will they lie to her as she grows up about her real birthday and father??

Maury Povich has agreed to do a paternity test!

Shoshana, You're jealous,
We Catholics brag about our religion because we are proud of it

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