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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Six Left

Posted by on September 6 at 13:07 PM

Vincent. Is. Crazy.

But not the good kind of crazy that I’m generally really attracted to.

He’s the bad kind of crazy.

C’mon Project Runway, please please please send him home tonight.

Who do you think should leave?

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god almighty, it has to be vincent. has to has to has to.

Vin. Cent.

But it will probably be Kayne.

I wouldn't mind seeing Kayne go. He was sort of endearing at first. I thought the little pageant boy would spread his wings, make some beautiful dresses... but after the recycling center challenge and last week's terrible elvis on ice outfit, I'm convinced that he's almost as nuts as Vincent, they just edit him down because they don't have room for two crazies.

If Vincent is still there after this week, I will know for sure that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are getting completely tanked before the runway shows.

I still love Kayne. He's so cute I can hardly stand it.

Vincent creeps me out completely and I desperately hope goes home. Does Faire on Olive still show Project Runway?

Thinking of the final 6 from last season, I'm realizing how little I like this crop. Mostly they seem more technically competent, but with less creativity.

ahh, how I miss Andre, Nick, Chloe, Santino, Daniel and even Kara.

Gotta be vincent.

I second Golob, and will add that the final bunch from season 1 (excepting Wendy, of course) was better too.

I miss Daniel V.


Keith getting kicked off far earlier than he otherwise would've messed with the group dynamics the producers expected, IMO.

i agree. vincent has to go. but not because he's crazy, which he is, but because his designs are crap.

but... i have to admit, i'm having a hard time caring about the projects (and i LOVE this show) when the winners and losers are picked for OBVIOUS reasons other than their talent for design or their execution of a particular task. we, the audience, are not stupid, but the producers seem to think we are.

I wish they could switch out Vincent and Kayne for Malan and Alison. I think the competition would be a little more exciting.

Agree with Andy. I still can't believe that Vincent's boring (though wearable) jetsetting outfit didn't make him one of the two on the chopping block last week. Say what you will about Kayne's dumb suit, it took some thought and craft to make. Vincent's thing didn't even look like it fit him correctly.

I think its going to be Jeffrey or Kayne tonight. The judges have a strange sick twisted thing for Vincent... and not in a good way!

But I think Vincent's days are numbered and I suspected he will be going home next week. One can hope.

Viva la Runway!

Yeah, Vincent should have been let go the second he put a basket on that poor woman's head in the first episode. His designs are terrible.

i'm still waiting for a WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY CHIFFON moment this season.

kayne's elvis-eats-liberace costume last week barely sqeaked by, if he doesn't MAKE IT WORK tonight, i predict an early trip home from paris for the boy!


Oh they'll keep Vincent around as long as they can -- he's the one everybody talks about, as evidenced here every week. I think he's hilarious. What a freak.

I will also add my voice to the "Please oh Gods, Please, send Vincent HOME ALREADY!!" crowd. Project Runway doesn't need crazies like him to bring drama, it's fasion, there is always gonna be drama.
With that, I hope Micheal wins it all, and Uli comes in second.

i'm expecting laura vs michael at the end of this competition.

i also think vincent is faking his crazy to throw off the competition. i wouldn't be surprised to see him in the final three, especially considering how often he comes up in conversation. what's good for the water cooler is good for tv!


They're taking a huge risk keeping Vincent around if that's what they're doing. My theory about Wendy in season one is that they kept her around for the same reason and guess what? After being on the chopping block week after week she pulled a win out of her ass and went to Fashion Week. They surely don't want to send another undeserving designer there.

Now watching show on East Coast time....want me to post the end????

Don't knock Kayne so much. The recycling challenge was fucking stupid, and the jet setter challenge was for mens' clothing. When Kayne gets real fabric and makes dresses, he's fantastic. When they had the fashion icon challenge, he should have won by all rights.

I miss Daniel V. too! He's my favorite of all of them.

whew, he's gone. everybody can stop kvetching about him now. looks pretty certain that scumbag jeffrey, michael, and uli will be the final three.

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