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Monday, September 11, 2006

Setting the Record Straight

Posted by on September 11 at 17:05 PM

Funny local blogger Matthew Baldwin (a.k.a Defective Yeti) has spotted a few factual errors in ABC’s The Path to 9/11.

Evidence that the Taliban was founded by Tipper Gore is circumstantial at best.

The scene in which Howard Dean punches Jesus is a dramatization.

The cockpit recordings from United Airlines Flight 175 have never been released, so there’s no verification that that the last voice heard is a terrorist saying “this message brought to you by”


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It's still hilarious, even if someone else posted it as you, FNARF.

Also, I noticed that in the ABC Movie they have Bill Clinton depicted as having cloven hooves. I've met the guy, he has normal feet. Well, kind of big, actually, but then he's not short like GWB.

if (s)he's smart (s)he's using a proxy server, which means that blocking their IP would slow them down for about... as long as it takes to copy and paste a new proxy ip. so unless movable type has a feature where users can create true accounts with uids and pwds in order to post a comment, there isn't any way to prevent people from spoofing you.

Now the posts spoofing as me are being deleted. I don't know how that's happening, unless they're doing it at the server. The problem is of course that now my note about "this post is not by me" makes no sense, and just adds more confusion.

Paul in Seattle is NOT particularly smart, but you're right, IP blocking isn't enough. Registration is unfortunately the only way to go at this point.

yeah i bet the original poster or one of the other sloggers just deleted the original post from the admin ui.

but forcing registration would be sweet, because you could do so much more (again if the underlying frameowrk supports it or could be extended). For example, they could syndicate RSS feeds of comment threads on a per-post basis. So say for example dan takes the mayor hostage and uses public art at 14th and howell to extend his demands, i could subscribe to that post's comments feed and follow the conversation in real time.
They could also allow comment feeds filtered by user. So for example I could subscribe to fnarf's rss feed in my aggregator and be notified when you post a comment independent of the post. which would mean that I could decide which slog posts were worth my time based on the fnarf index, i.e., if you comment on something three times in the span of an hour then i'll check it out, otherwise i won't waste my time.

whattaya say, keepers of the slog, can we get user registration and extended rss feeds or what?


I just finished writing this further down the theread... I'm not doing this to you.

Gnereally, I agree with about 50% of what you post, and think the other 50% is nonsensical bullshit, but that's a whole other discussion.

It appears you've got someone else stalking you. Sorry to dissapoint you.

My fav is Al Frankin's observation of a factual error. He says the part of the movie when Clinton and Osama do lines off of Madeline Albight's tits (Al sez "breasts" of course, which somehow sounds even more obscene when referring to MA) didn't really happen!

In my continuing effort to understand what the fuck is up with mainstream america, I watched the second half of it today. Aside from truthiness, another fault is that it's just plain bad melodrama. The part depicting the attacks themselves is powerful - the level of fuck-up would have to be pretty severe for it not to be. But, lots of forced delivery of lame lines. Much of the scenes with dialog have one good guy representing the 'X' of "if we had just done X, this never would have happened", and another person overriding the good guy and paraphrasing the 9/11 report - "none of it is actionable" or "we don't have the software to sort through all this data". It has all the subtlety of AM talk radio. My favorite line, delivered like a shy frat boy looking for a can opener:
"We, uh, need some help from you guys, with some F-16's, or somethin'."
Second favorite:
[phone]: We've voted, and we're going to do something.
Woman: NO! Sit back down and stay quiet. I'm the flight attendant, I know the protocol.
[phone]: ...If we're going to die, we have to do something.
Woman (as if responding meekly to a forceful request that she try the salsa): Okay.

Since when would ANYONE expect ANY quality off of a made-for-TV-movie? I liked it much better when they knew their place and kept their plots limited to things like guys locked in department stores after hours and tormented by dobermans, or groups of people stuck in elevators that are hanging by a threat.

All politics aside, the most offensive thing about this whole situation was that they would attempt to "dramatize" something that only happened five years ago, and was plenty dramatic enough as it was.

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