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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Seattle Times Endorses Sherman

Posted by on September 7 at 9:05 AM

The last big endorsement in the hot 43rd District house race dropped today, and it falls in Bill Sherman’s favor.

Says the Seattle Times editorial board:

Sherman is a bright new entrant to elective politics who brings a very promising résumé and set of skills.

The challenge in the 43rd goes beyond finding someone who can capably represent voters living in the district. All six could do that. The bigger question is who also can work best with lawmakers of a variety of political stripes in Olympia.

Sherman has the right mix of temperament, attitude and résumé.

I read that last line, by the way, as a swipe at either Stephanie Pure or Dick Kelley (or both). They’re the only candidates in this race who have a notably different temperament than the others (meaning: they’re angry liberals, in a way that can be grating or invigorating, depending on the audience), and Pure is definitely the one with the thinnest résumé.

In any case, Sherman now has three very impressive endorsements: The Sierra Club, Washington Conservation Voters, and the Seattle Times.

Is it enough to lift him above the name ID that Jim Street has among older voters (and the endorsement Street received from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)? And equally important: Is it enough to lift him above the well-funded and Ed-Murray-endorsed Jamie Pedersen?

We’ll find out in less than two weeks. In the meantime, if you live in the 43rd, expect even more mailers: From Pedersen, who told me he’s rushing out a mailer to tout his recent Murray endorsement, and from Sherman, who would be a fool not to boast about today’s nod from the Times.

And for those keeping score, here’s where the candidates now stand in terms of major endorsements:

Jamie Pedersen: Endorsed by State Rep. Ed Murray, Equal Rights Washington (the state-wide gay rights lobbying group), The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee, and the Stonewall Democrats.

Stephanie Pure: Endorsed by The Stranger.

Jim Street: Endorsed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and King County Executive Ron Sims

Bill Sherman: Endorsed by The Sierra Club, Washington Conservation Voters, and the Seattle Times.

Dick Kelley: Endorsed by the King County Democratic Party.

Lynne Dodson: Endorsed by the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee and the Washington State Labor Council.

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look at jamie's list of endorsements and tell me he's not a 'one issue' candidate. jeez! this gay voter sees that as a turn-off... i am so many other things besides just gay and it appears that jamie is not.

good 'on ya to bill for his endorsement-- it definitely makes kelley, pure, and even street look lame.

Who cares what the Seattle Times says? Remember they also endorsed George W. Bush.

It's really peculiar the way you continue to reduce Dodson's long list of endorsements to two. What about the Washington Education Assoc, Seattle Education Assoc, and American Federation of Teachers? What about National Organization of Women and National Women's Political Caucus? What about the long, long list of union support, or the many individual progressive activist leaders who know and support Lynne? I can't believe that you think none of those endorsements have any weight.

People, don't accept the Stranger's summary--check out Dodson's endorsement list for yourselves--

It appears clear the that the always important and always late Seattle Weekly endorsement will no doubt tip the scales for one of these candidates. I can hardly wait...

In addition to what's been mentioned, Lynne Dodson also has the endorsements of the National Organization for
Women, the Women's Political Caucus, Latino Political Action Committee, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance,
the Washington Education Association and major education and civil
rights leaders in our community like Hate Free Zone's Pramila Jayapal, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project's Leno Rose-Avila, the Tenants Union's Siobhan Ring, dedicated peace activists Bert Sacks and Jean Buskin,
and long-time education activist Lisa Macfarlane. Her long list of endorsements (
) show how much she's done in this
community. She also was the only one rated "Outstanding" by the
Municipal League and got the endorsement of Eat the State! I for one
want to see a woman in the 43rd District legislative contingent (yes, I'm not afraid to use the "feminist" word!), a
true progressive and activist, and (witness the Municipal League's "Outstanding" rating) someone who will actually get progressive things done - she's got my vote!

Not to mention former Stranger columnist Stefan Sharkansky's promised endorsement in the DEMOCRATIC primary...

I don't think Lynne will get that one.

More mailers? I think I've received about ten from Bill Sherman, four from Dick Kelley, six from Jaimie Pederesen, and at least two from Jim Street and Stephanie Pure and Lynne Dodd.

My recycle bin's full.

Besides, I already voted a week ago today. For Dick Kelley, although I was very very tempted to vote for Stephanie Pure.

Ok Will, we all know you've already voted. Do you want a gold star or something?

And earlier this week you were saying that you were tempted by both Sherman and Pure, but now you're just saying it's Pure - what's up with that?

Well, I was saying of the six candidates, I thought Dick Kelley, Stephanie Pure, and Bill Sherman were the most qualified. When I was filling out my ballot I had a momentary thought maybe I should vote for Stephanie, but decided Dick would be best.

It's not like any of the six are terrible - it's the 43rd!

Eli, that "temperament" comment is clearly a swipe at Street. I think the guy's smart and knows his shit, but he comes across as a total grouch.

Eli gets points for calling the Murray endorsement. But looses a least one for under-reporting (again) Bill Sherman's list of endorsements which is wider than just environmentalists and deeper than the Times.

Check it out for yourself at:

And can something be done about Will In Seattle commenting on his own comments. If he needs to do that he start his own blog.

Eli, you did it again ... screwed up the link to Dick Kelley's campaign website. Twice this time -- referring to what you call a "swipe" at him and in the box showing endorsements. One might think you have something against Dick.

For the record, Dick Kelley's website is:

Maybe you'll get it right the next time.

I hope everyone understands that "Will in Seattle" is Will Affleck-Asch, a functionary in the 43rd District Democrats organization. Like others, I've grown a bit tired of his endless recounting of the apparently painful round of rumination he went through before offering his endorsement and casting his vote. Will, thy navel suffers under thy gaze...and please spare the rest of us the blow-by-blow.

oh, stop stalking me on Facebook, I spy. Sorry about the loud sex, though.

So, Sherman's got the endorsement of the most widely-read publication in the district (sorry, Stranger, but the numbers don't lie) and of the environmental community (who vote in droves in the 43rd, even in primaries, unlike-a da gays). He's raised just enough money to blanket the district with direct mail and yard signs, while knocking on 15,000+ doors. If the guy was any more of a dark horse candidate, he'd be the friggin' Black Stallion.

I'm wary of 'angry liberals', which often have an axe to grind with certain entities or embodiments of their pet peeves, and put that axe to grind ahead of reason and common sense.

Exhibit A maintains this blog.

and, FYI, I dropped by Stephanie Pure's party at the High Dive tonight and gave her all the cash I had left in my wallet.

;-) ok, not much, but I think I've got the flu so I didn't stay long at what looked like a happening party.

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