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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seattle Club Embroiled in Anti-Gay Slur Controversy!

Posted by on September 27 at 16:36 PM

No, I’m not talking about Neumo’s or tonight’s big Bufu show.

Someone who claimed to be calling on behalf of an unidentified “gay group”—Scissor Sisters? Pet Shop Boys? Limp Bizkit?—called Chop Suey to complain about this month’s Comeback poster. This anonymous caller’s supposed group is upset about the use of the word faggot on the poster.

Here’s the poster…


Here’s a close-up of the offending language…


Here’s the download:

This complaint comes so hard on the heels of the Neumo’s/Bufu controversy that I can’t help but wonder if the anonymous caller isn’t attempting to engage in some sort of meta-commentary on the seemingly selective sensitivities of Seattle’s gay community. It’s not okay for Bufu to toss around anti-gay slurs but the promoters behind Comeback can slap them on their delightfully pornographic posters all over town?

In a word, yeah.

But first: The anger directed at Bufu isn’t about anti-gay slurs coming out of the mouth of a musician (so common an occurrence that it’s hardly worth protesting), but anti-gay death threats and incitement to violence coming out of the mouth of a musician. On Capitol Hill. Across the street from one gay bar, down the block from another, and a block and half from the GLBT Community Center. I’d like to think intelligent people could see the difference but, uh, reading the comment threads on Slog over the last two days makes me wonder.

More importantly, there’s the huge issue of who exactly is tossing this particular anti-gay slur around. Comeback’s promoter—Marcus—addresses this point eloquently in an email:

I don’t think I even have to point out that many persecuted communities appropriate negative epithets and turn them into empowering, affectionate terms of endearment (such as African American’s using that word that starts with “N” that I’m not allowed to say because I’m not an African American), or that many other formerly derogatory terms are constantly used in the gay community. “Queer” used to be an insult, not an empowering umbrella term for the BLT-blah-blah-blah community.

Every hip dance night for womyn on the hill is labeled a night for “dykes and their friends.” I can remember a time when the only people who used the word “dyke” were toothless white-trash homophobic assholes. Well, times change and so does our language.

Presuming the angry caller isn’t a prankster, I’d like to point make two additional points. First, there’s the issue of context. I mean, come on. “You like what you see, faggot?” “Go for it, dude.” Clearly these are two openly gay men talking to each other moments before they get down to some terrifically sleazy, terrifically hot gay action. (And if you’ve never had sex with a gay man who likes to be called “faggot” in bed, in a locker room, or in a sling, well, then you don’t get laid much.)

Secondly, the fags who go to Comeback aren’t the types who will be offended by this month’s poster. A high percentage probably enjoy being called “faggot”—by the right guys, in the right context—and roughly 100% of them would agree with Marcus when he says…

I’ve never felt particularly “gay.” Its so sappy-sissy-cheery. But I do feel like a fuckin’ faggot quite often.

Without a doubt this month’s Comeback, like last month’s the month’s before that, will be fudgepacked with the alterna-queers that fudgepack every month’s Comeback. The fags at Chop Suey on Friday are not going to be upset about seeing the word “faggot” on Comeback’s poster—or on the “faggot” swag that Marcus plans to hand out on Friday night:

So whatever side of this big gay politically charged electric fence you’re sitting on, I say come down to Chop Suey this Friday the 29th and represent. We will be handing out free “faggot” accessories—t-shirts, tote bags, yoga mats, head bands, and nap-sacks (in case you get sleepy).

Finally, the folks who are upset about Comeback poster are going to have a stroke when they see The Stranger’s full-page ad in the 2006 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival’s program.

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Charles explained the whole "faggot controversy" the best. Rural people who use "faggot" in their songs are ignorant and backwards. So any rural artist using "faggot" must be boycotted.

But when urban people use "faggot" in songs or marketing material, it's being ironic and sophisticated. That's why The (straight) Beastie Boys can call their album "Don't be a faggot"

But if a Jamacian artist uses "faggot" in a song it's always wrong. Jamaica is a backwards rural place.

P.S. Thanks to everyone at The Stranger for having the patience to explain all this to us. I never understood why people got upset about Beastie Boys being homophobic, or why Buju was promoted in The Stranger last year and this year Buju is banned. Now I understand that urban people are always allowed to use "faggot".

It isn't an anti-gay slur in the context in which it is used on the poster. It is obviously one gay man (stroking his manhood) coming on to another naked and arguably gay man in the men's lockerroom. These are the "right guys in the right context," as Dan puts it, and the issue is, therefore, moot.

Furthermore, this is obviously a long, long, long way from advocating murder and disfigurement by acid.

Gee, want to make a guess as to who made that phone call? I wonder how long it will take before Kimberly the troll gets bored with this and goes on to annoy someone else.

And awaaaaay we go!

Nice mustache on the poster dude. I'd like to go for a ride on it.

(And if you’ve never had sex with a gay man who likes to be called “faggot” in bed, in a locker room, or in a sling, well, then you don’t get laid much.)

I guess I don't get laid much.

Not urban, gay. Not slurs, not in this context—not anymore than "niggah" is when one black guy uses it in reference to another black guy. Not last year, six years ago. Not promoted, written up.

Kimberly: willfully obtuse—in spades, if I can say that.

Me, please. only trolls can call other people trolls. er wait... carry on.

But the night is still young, Paulus.

God help me.

The night is young, the moustache seats four.

"Kimblery" the troll has mysteriously forgotten how to spell her name. Josh? Shoshana?

Wait a sec, Limp Bizkit is gay? In theory or in practice? Hmmmm, maybe your thinking of Limp Wristed Street Preachers. No wait, I think you mean Manic at the Disco? Oh nevermind, brain function is dropping, happy hour has already commenced.

And mustaches are just gross... ALWAYS

Even though I think I get it - urban people are free to use "faggot" in marketing materials and songs. It's hip and funny. All urban gays call each other "faggot" as a turn on during sex.

Dan Savage you are my hero.
Sometimes I feel so dense trying to sort out what is currently fashionable in Seattle. But it's all clear as day here in The Stranger. Ice-T can sing about "killing the faggot" and posters about faggots can be all over the Capitol Hill, but if a rural Jamaican man says faggot in a song, that's different. So as a rule of thumb boycott rural black performers.

Some people say Seattle's politically correct types are obtuse, but Seattle's rules for using "faggot" in songs and marketing materials are easy to grasp.

Hey Kimberly, wanna fuck?

So are we still supposed to Boycott the Buju show even if it's at Studio 7? I like Jamaica, and could care less what's the currently fashionable way to use the world "faggot" on Capitol Hill. I hate politically correct nonsense and besides, there are probably more urban assholes in this world that rural ones anyways.

Bufu, not Buju. Have a little respect.

Was there ever a fashionable way to call for the murder—you know, the lynching—of homosexuals? I don't know. Guess we should ask a Jamaican.

Kimberly is just being obtuse. Everyone with half a brain realizes that the Ice-T song about "Killing the Faggot" is an artistic statement.

This poster shows two gay guys calling each other faggot. That's just like a poster on Capitol Hill with two black guys sporting the caption "Hey Nigger want some of this". No educated person would object to that.

It has nothing to do with being politically correct, it's just knowing how to speak english and use words in context. Most Jamaicans are too ignorant to understand how to use American english in the correct context. It's sad what happened to Buju - but Buju has no one but himself to blame for his own cultural stupidity.

Ice-T is very fashionable and has a couple songs about "killing the faggot". Many other successful American performers sing about things like "shove a cactus up the butt of a faggot".

Jamaicans as a rule are too ignorant to understand how to write "kill the faggot" songs.

Here's a list of popular American performers songs about killing and hitting faggots.

Hey Kimberly, Wanna fuck?

Just to clarify: Kimberly? Do you see no difference between someone who is black using the world "nigger" in a song, and someone who is not black using the word "nigger" in a song that glorifies killing niggers?

Kimberly is a racist. She has sold out to the white Northern European patriacrchy, which rewards her with things other than chocolates and flowers.

Her homophobia is simply a side effect of the indoctrination. Her oppression of others feeds the oppression of her soul, and she will never find the vagina within if she does not regain the spirit of the Mother/Vagina that has spawned us all.

Just to clarify according to The Stranger what's the difference between American Ice-T singing "kill the faggot" and Jamaican Buju singing the same?

The only Black artists we have to boycott are Jamaican ones. Urban American artists like Ice-T are free to write songs about "killing the faggot".

You people can be so stupid. The Stranger has never printed a word condemning The Beastie Boys or Ice-T and both use derogatory "faggot" and "kill the faggots" in their lyrics and promotions.

It's only Buju that is the problem. I don't even care myself, I just read The Stranger to find out what is currently cool.

This whole thing boils down to - boycott Buju because he's from Jamaica and doesn't know how to use "kill the faggot" in the right context. Many American rap and Hip Hop performers use the exact same lyrics but understand how to contextualize them. Duh!

Ignore the power of the mother/vagina at your own peril, Kimberly. You may think it's OK to sleep with the Beastie Boys (white European Males!) but that only pollutes your receptacle.

If only you had the enlightenment to attend Comeback you would feel the positive queer energy and rejoice in the diversity of the mother/vagina.

There's more to life than Cafe Society, Kimberly. Pull your head out of the Nordstrom bag and rejoice in your receptacle!!!

The Stranger has the best trolls evah!

No one got their ass handed to them on Project Runway tonight. That's much more interesting than anything any of you people have to say here.

God, Seattle is boring.

Boomer, television only shrivels your inner ovary which, regardless of gender, was given you by the mother/vagina.

I call for a national strike and day of solidarity against all Boomers, everywhere, as well as Kimberly. Meet at the Federal Building tomorrow at 10am!!!!

I'm in New York. Which is not boring. Who's Kimberly?

Some slut would be my guess. Everybody wants to fuck her.

Buju Banton is not being banned all over this country solely for his lyrics. He, and a group of men, were suspected of beating a gay man so badly that they left him blind in one eye. he was found not guilty by a jamaican court which is normal for courts in that country which look the other way on crimes against gays. I believe that he committed the act that he was acquited of. Cancelling his show was a good thing for both seattle and himself. A man who brutally beat a gay man should be wary of coming into seattle's gayest neighborhood because there are a lot of people who would want to return the favour and leave him hanging from a lamp-post in capitol hill. Buju Banton is a coward. I feel that he would probably have cancelled the show himself anyway for fear for his own safety. He is on his way back to his smelly poverty stricken island with $15000. He probably should get a proper haircut to cut off his smelly unwashed dreadlocks, but he will just spend his money on weed like all of his stupid jamaican unemployed men.

#26: Totally. Since it's becoming clear that Josh/Shoshana/Racist Watch/Kimbrlrly are probably the same troll person, it'd be interesting to see Josh vs. Shoshana or RW vs. Kmbrirley in a chat-off. Obviously the person behind them all is used to typing with one hand.

C'mon Stranger IT. You know you want to scan the IPs... =)

Once again, are we done with this yet? It's official Slog is beyond lame. Please write about something anyone (with a brain) would care about.

Motown, word. Depressing.

Jamaican men are rural inbred idiots. They are homophobic and their music should be boycotted.

The Buju show last night was great. I smoked a couple of bowls with a cute guy before so I was jazzed. I'm so glad The Stranger called for the boycott because I work with a couple of gay guys and I wanted them to be able to have their say.

But it all worked out because even though The Stranger boycotted Buju, advertisements for the Buju show were still appearing in Slog. (why would The Stranger advertise the Buju show if Buju really did beat up gay men? That would be hypoctritical!).

So I knew it was OK to both agree that the show should be boycotted and attend the show too! It's all Hegel's dialectic right? I think?!?

Anyway there were tons of cute guys at the show, and even some gay guys. The world is not really black or white. It's both. There may be bad things about Buju but his music brings all kinds of people together dancing. So that's beautiful!

marcus wilson, the guy who makes the offending fliers, is gonna be giving out a bunch of "fag swag" at comeback this friday so come get your free FAGGOT YOGA MAT!!!!

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