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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Salad of a Lost Ferret

Posted by on September 5 at 10:08 AM

Boil 6 ferrets until tender. The last five minutes of cooking time, add 3 eggs still in their shells. Remove ferrets and eggs from pot and let cool. De-bone ferrets. Peel eggs. In a food processor, grind meat and eggs separately. Place in a large bowl and with a spoon or fork, mix in mayonnaise or sandwich spread and pickle relish to desired consistency and taste. Serve on toast or crackers with your favorite garnish.

Adapted from squirrel salad recipe at A Squirrel Cuisine.

Edit: Image Removed.

I own the copyright to the image of the ferret with the bunny ears located here:

This image can be seen on my Web site It is part of my 2001 edition Famous Ferrets and is registered with the Federal Copyright Office. This person has no right to use this image, it must be removed from her page immediately. She has violated your Terms of Use by illegally using this image. I am submitting this statement under penalty of perjury. I am the copyright owner of this image. Please contact me when this image has been removed.


Jeanne Carley

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Mmm. Ferret and egg in one delectable ensemble. Thank you very much for this recipe. By the way if anyone happens to find cookie, I would be happy to help return it to it's human.

This recipe also works with cats, though adult cats tend to be tough and gamey, and so need more spices. kittens, though, are milky sweet and I'd advise using less mayo, so as not to lose out on the flavor.

Can ferrets be served on the same plate as eggs? Is that kosher? I didn't know ferrets came from eggs anyhow. Now I feel like a fool for buying this goddman ferret tree.

but can the recipe be adapted for killer raccoons?

i heard a group of ferrets is called a "business" is this true? and i can't wait to impress my family with that eggy-ferret surprise on thanksgiving! word.

Foamy don't play that!

Can't a ferret get a break?

This is truly revolting. Are we trying to incite ferret owners to more long diatribes? Advocating eating the least-palatable of domestic carnovores- aren't you naughty. Might as well throw babies in the stew too. Yawn.

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