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Friday, September 15, 2006

Re: You know what’s funnier than a baby in a toupee?

Posted by on September 15 at 13:31 PM

Perhaps a chihuahua in a toupee?


Image sent in by civic treasure Dominic Holden—that dude’s got an answer for everything…

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He looks great. I say we run him for office.

He looks like a little anchorman!

I would totally vote for this dude!

He's smarter than Bush! And doesn't snarl half as much as Cheney! Plus, unlike Rove, he's house-trained!

Know what's funnier than either of those?
Politicians in toupees.

Fabulous Stan, just fabulous!

This looks exactly like stranger receptionista Mike Nipper!

damn it DOES kinda look like me, and I have a chi! if that little dog had hazel eyes we could be in one of those 'seperated at birth'books!

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