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Friday, September 15, 2006

Re: What are you proud of your parents for?

Posted by on September 15 at 16:00 PM

I am proud of my mother for many reasons. She is hilarious. We are best friends. I was raised in her (adorably freakish) image. BUT, I am especially proud of her defunct blog I am Eating My Husband’s Soul (she’s on husband #3), which she abandoned because everyone in my family has the attention span of (sexy) little gnats.

Nothing has ever made me laugh quite so much.

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I read "Burned Out" last night and almost fell over laughing. Your writing really is lightening in a bottle, and we're lucky to have you at America's Hometown Newspaper.

Keep up the great work : )

Cienna, I was in love with you, but now I'm in love with you AND your mother.

She's like the daughter of Hunter Thompson and Erma Bombeck.


Your momma is a very funny lady. More like a modern S.J. Perelman. Make her do some more, dammit. In the Stranger.

dude, i wish my mom had a blog. she's very funny too, though more medicated than cienna's!

Cienna, I love you and I am glad that you are proud of me. Sadly, I wish you would have let IAEMHS RIP as it has already caused SOME PEOPLE GREAT CONCERN as to MY MENTAL HEALTH and MY FITNESS AS WIFE TO THEIR SON.
Besides, that blog started sucking seriously a good year before I abandoned it like your less attractive and not very clever little sister at a truck stop in Utah. RIP to her too! Some things are just not meant to live beyond 2-3 years.



I guess "Your mom has a blog" isn't the same as "Your mom goes to college". Especially when your mom's blog is FUCKING BRILLIANT.

Yo mama is the funniest woman I know.

Those truckers are nice people. I'm sure they're taking good care of her.

I loved IAEMHS from its inception, but I guess if I lived in Idaho and the neighbor's kid wandered into my yard and drowned in the Madonna's nether parts, I would be at least momentarily reticent. But then, I've always been convinced that IAEMHS was actually straight-up reporting of actual suburban performance art, and not just some inmate's fever-dream. Perhaps I was wrong.

The "Worst Enemy" series is gold! Gold, I say! And "Burned Out" was the best installment yet. Great writing, great attitude, damn funny.

Thanks to whomever recruited you to The Stranger.

It's a shame she abandoned it, Cienna. It's good stuff. These days, considering the power of Google, keeping a blog sans an audience of family and friends may be a blessing in disguise, the best environment to write in with the least amount of commental white-noise.

Take it from someone who shouted to the ether for years and saw things change once he had an audience.

That was hilarious! "Burned Out" is fantastic. Well done, all you clever attractive talented sods. I am exceedingly jealous.

My mommie could smoke a cigarette with her pussy while singing the National anthem with her farts. She also discovered the polio vaccine while she founded the Girl Scouts of America. In a addition to being an accomplished pole dancer, she choreographed for the Joffery Ballet. A Vasser college graduate, with a PHD from Berkley, mom is also a great cook and home maker. She wrote a book about her experiences that was a best seller in France. Now she is starting a string of medical schools for underprivleged girls in third world countries.

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