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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Re: More Trash Talk

Posted by on September 27 at 11:18 AM

Working up a response to Chicago Fan’s daily gust of nonsense, I came across this nugget from Doug in the comments, which pretty much says it all:

Grossman’s gonna be on his back more often than a hammered Honeybear at an ‘86 Bears reunion.

Indeed. Unless Grossman can learn to throw while having his ass on the turf, Chicago Fan, your beloved Bears are gonna land themselves in the loss column. The bright side? Being a Cubs fan, you’re no doubt used to heading straight to the loss column when you crack open your morning paper.

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Hey Brad:

Get any of the leftover champagne after the A's celebrated their division championship at Safeco last night?


Hey Bill:



I was at that game. It was sad—Safeco wasn't even half full. Sad, sad, sad.

Still, beer and boys. And the pitcher for the A's last night? Whose name is—so fitting—"Harden"? Worth the price of admission alone. Wish I could've seen him covered in champagne.

I hear the visitor's clubhouse at Wrigley Field has it's own wine cellar.


No apostrophe in the possessive "its."

And the whole neighborhood around Wrigley is one giant wine cellar/beer garden. . .



Sorry, I don't consider the schwag swilled in and around Wrigley to be "beer".

But thanks for pointing out my typo. Getting grammar lessons from a Bears fan is like getting relationship advice from Larry King.


everyone hear? jesus has healed alexander's foot. maybe.

just kidding, jesus left chicago...


The grammar lesson wasn't from the Bears' fan, it was from the English Professor. I'm both.

And punctuation isn't grammar. But that's just semantics, right? Which isn't semiotics either.

Man, am I looking forward to doing this live on Sunday, when the Bears crush the Seahawks.

And what the fuck is "schwag"?


Oh, yeah, and periods go inside quotation marks.

In the United States, anyway.

And I know that's a sentence fragment.


The Seahawks are gonna make like Fred Flinstone and drive to work with bear feet.

By the way, Professor, I spent four years at UCLA studying English Lit and I don't recall punctuation or grammar on a single syllabus. When I misquote Alexander Pope, you can call me out.

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