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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quality Coverage

Posted by on September 26 at 12:59 PM

Take a second to see if you can figure out which of these international and homefront editions of Newsweek is not like the others!

via the show

update: I’m an idiot, this is also via ECB.

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Silliness! Blondes have always sold better than reality, dontcha know.

This is no big deal. America _already_ is the laughingstock of the world. This won't change a thing...

This just in! NIE proves Bush is lying and Americans are being sold a bill of goods!

News at Never - you're not going to be told that.

I just found out that my cousin, who's already done two tours of duty in Iraq (and just got back from the second one) is scheduled to go to Afghanistan next. Oh joy.

When can we start calling it the Forever War?

Oh, Sarah, don't you know that Americans are mature enough to handle defeat? Now go take your soma and join me for Nip/Tuck tonight.

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