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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Proud to be an American

Posted by on September 5 at 15:36 PM

This year’s Texas State Fair will feature deep-fried Coca-Cola.

What’s more, the deep-fried cola concoction beat out deep-fried macaroni n’ cheese and a deep-fried cosmopolitan to win the creativity prize at the second-annual Big Tex Choice Awards Contest.

Full story here.

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Red State idiots will eat anything fried. I'll bet there isn't a vegan restaurant in all of Texas, and they've never even heard of an eggplant sandwhich.

I love the delicious dining in Seattle. Red State types please don't move here. Fried Food of all kinds should be outlawed. Only uneducated ignorant types would eat deep fat fried coca cola.

When will I be able to eat deep-fried cooking oil? Only then will my life be complete.

Sam, come to Scotland.

I am from Berkeley Cali-fucking-fornia, I grew up two blocks from Alice Waters' famous Cheese Penis restaurant, and I will not be out-blued or out-foodied, Foodie.
Deep-fried Coca-Cola is the most brilliant thing I've ever heard of; the only thing that could be possibly be better would be deep-fried Dr Pepper.

After reading the KIRO article, I take back my previous comments. They also served deep-fried Cosmopolitans at the Texas State Fair.
Red, blue, we should all just get along.

If you want to eat Red State style fried food so badly why not move to Texas? In Seattle we have excellent Eggplant Sandwhiches, and delicious chilled soups. Foodies love Seattle, and we don't need Red State types here. Go away.

Wich kind of sandwhich was that?

Glad there is something we take the lead on in the world. Not cars, stem cell research, electronics, basketball....

At fried foods we still kick ass.

not only is deep-fried coke cool, but contrary to what foodie knows, texas has lots of vegan restaurants. in fact, there are probably more vegan eateries in austin than there are in seattle. and some of them are even open 24/7/365. try to find vegan fare here at 3am, i dare you.

in fact, the great food is one of the things i miss most about texas. okay, so its really the only thing i miss...

Fried Foetus!

Hey, I love eggplant sandwiches. I just think deep-fried Cosmos must be good too. I love the diversity that is America.

Foodie's stupid troll posts used to be slightly entertaining, but now it seems so old and worn out.

If you like crappy food why are you living in Seattle? Move away! Seattle's restraurants are wonderful, wonderful. People too ignorant to appreciate good food can find another place to live.

hot dish on a stick was my favorite at the fair this year.

I love fair food so damn much. I love it just as much as I love foie gras and beautifully grilled eggplant.
I would be curious to try the deep-fried Coca-cola. I found that the problem with the deep-fried twinkie was that there wasn't the kind of weight in a sponge-cake to really hold it together unlike a deep-fried mars bar which had the bulk of the nougat to make it fairly easy to eat.
Interestingly enough in Scotland (where they will freaking deep-fry anything) they also have quite the restaurant/food scene that is comparable to San Francisco in terms of locally/seasonally/organically grown food. So they know a thing about balance.

Foodie is more like the fascists he abhors because of his narrow-minded attitudes regarding food. It is snobbish condescending attitudes like that, that have not helped the so-called "blue states" and Democrats.

Keep politics out of the bedroom and the kitchen. What I do with with a person and a stick of butter is my own business.

I simply live for foie gras! And I love hot dogs too. Being a Foodie doesn't mean having to limit yourself. Why not eat the best of everything? Lots of white trash food is as scrumptious as what I dine on at five star restaurants in Paris. For moi, the whole world is my table. That's the best way to live.

you live for foie gras? are you ignorant of the fact that geese are force fed through a tube shoved down their throats to fatten & disease their liver and give it that "delicious" taste you live for? or are you just cruel and heartless? it's one or the other.

genevieve, the only people who "keep politics out of the kitchen" are selfish people like you who care only about what tastes good to them, ignorant or uncaring to the cruelty and murder that was necessary to create your food. chances are, foodie isn't a "fascist", but rather a person with a heart about about 1,000 times bigger than the cold black one resting inside your chest next to your cholesterol clogged arteries.

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