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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Project Runway—It’s On, Bitches!

Posted by on September 27 at 22:00 PM

Okay, here we go—and remember: Project Runway Finale party at Spitfire on, uh, October something-or-other.

Now let’s watch the show…


Going to Fashion Week: Uli, Michael, Laura and Jeffrey.

This is BULLSHIT. Bullshit. Total bullshit. I’m glad Tim Gunn’s thrilled, but he’s the onlly one. Clearly the judges were painted into a corner. Jeffrey and Michael’s dresses were awful, so one was definately the loser of this week’s challenge. But they couldn’t face sending them both home, as they’re more talented than Uli and Laura. So they decided not to decide—and they decided not to do what they should have done, which was to toss Laura off.

Stranger Project Runway Finale Party at Spitfire on October 18.

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All I can say is, the producers sprung a surprise on everybody. When you see the look on Michael Kors' face at the very end you'll know what I mean.

Wed, Oct 18 10:00 PM
Project Runway
314 - Finale

10pm or 7pm?

Jeffrey? More talented? What is your definition of talent?

I don't even know if I can muster enough interest for the finale... After bringing back Angela and Vincent in the last episode, now keeping all four for the final show, I'm a bit over it all.

yeah, tonight was a total cop-out...very lame

Not lame! In the previous two seasons they had the fourth person show at fashion week anyway in order to not give away the end. Most agreed that #4, Kara Janx, had the best collection last time. That's what's lame.

I actually do want to see collections from all four (even Laura) so I'm glad. I couldn't have said that for Kayne or Vincent or Angela. Especially since Michael had the worst dress, and Michael has been the most interesting so far.

I would have much rather seen Kayne's collection or even crazy Angela's collection than the same boring stuff from Michael, or more dreariness from Laura. It was hilarious to me because they probably assumed they could get rid of Uli. Then Jeffrey and Michael, both of whom they have propped up for most of the season, fell apart, and they had to come up with this new rule to save them.

This season has nothing to do with clothes and is all about gimmicks. Good luck to these people when they actually have to have a career where TV producers won't be there to save them.

Overall, I was pretty bored by the garments meant to wow the judges. We've seen it all before kids. I wonder what Micheal could have done with the other 6 hours they had taken from them. They all seemed to lack inspiration this go around.

I did LOVE the look on Jeffrey's face when Laura was "in" before he was. What an arrogant fuck. I do like many of his garments, but couldn't make myself buy them because of his attitude. Is he an only child? Part of me hopes the rumours of him having someone help him with his final collection are true, and he may be disqualified.

I hear you, but I'm glad they're all in. Laura is one of my favorites, so I'm glad she's in. Her stuff is classy and she's funny as hell.

In that challenge, I though Michael should have been out. His dress was awful. Nice color, but awful.

I thought Uli was going to win from the beginning. Her ability to mix prints is amazing and she was the only one who made the "everyday woman" (i.e. large) look good. (Even Michael couldn't make a size 6 look good). However, she keeps making the same dress.

There's a sneak preview of everyone's collections at Everyone's stuff looks great, even Jeffrey's.

Okay, last comment: Nazri makes everthing look amazing. Everything. Uli would not have won without this model and she knew it. (That dress wouldn't have looked good on the redhead, for example.) I hope Nazri gets a huge modeling contract at the end of this, she's a star.

Okay, I think I have to get to work now.

From the way Tim Gunn was freaking out throughout the episode, I think the producers knew Michael bombed his final and were desperately trying to think up a solution. Hence the cop-out.

That said, bring on the Reunion! Alison for the win!

I think this is the best season yet! These 4 designers deserve to be in the show and each has a unique viewpoint. I'm jazzed.

And I don't understand the distain for Michael's dress. I thought it was sexy and interesting.

I'm looking forward to the Spitfire party! Its kind of like an AA meeting for fashionistas! Viva la Runway!

Fashion and Television are my two fav things in the world. Project Runway combines both! I'm sooooo...glad The Stranger is into this mainstream show! I hate "alternative" TV and theatre.

Anyway the New York Times today makes fun of Project Runway and says only an idiot would imagine that the real fashion industry has anything to do with pin cushions and hand work. It's all about multi-national marketing and consumer research. The New York Times implied that anyone serious about fashion would do better getting a Harvard MBA and working at Starbucks in marketing for ten years.

That made me sad because I love Project Runway designers and I'm sure they'll become famous.

I'd think that they were planning on sending Uli home and were shocked that she came through the challenge so brilliantly. Thus the judges and producers were forced to make the outlandish no-decison-decision.

Unfortunately for Nazri, who does make everything look good, Uli's collection was mirrored her previous works. The woman couldn't do a fitted top to save her life. She's the opposite of Chloe. Probably because he cheated, Jeffrey's collection was brilliant.

Dan you are so off the mark! Laura is so much more talented that Jeffrey! Being a designer is about longevity and style. Laura has the class, style and sophistication of an Oscar de la Renta or Geoffrey Beene. Jeffrey is a classic "One day you'r in, the next you're out!" Laura just needs to stretch herself a little bit, but if what Project Runway is truly looking for is "the next great American designer" then someone like Laura or Michael are really more the ticket. A woman could buy something designed by Laura or Michael, spend a buttload of money on it, and be confident that they could wear it in five years. That is what a good designer is all about. Me thinks you were drinking at Liberty when you wrote this one!

Project Runway is a lame show. It has nothing to do with real fashion. The designers are being played, and the television audience is being played.

It's funny to read people getting all emotional about something so stupid, what if you were writing about Green Acres? Star Trek?

If you think project runway has anything to do with "the next great american designer" you're mentally retarded.

The last two years, the final four got to go to Fashion Week, but someone still got pseudo-auffed the last episode and then everyone pretended like he or she didn't show. This year I feel like they sort of came clean about it and said that all four would get to show, since they were going to anyway.

No one expects these folks to be the "next great American designer," anymore than we expect any of those skinny mess to be America's next top model.

It's a talent contest, and it's fun to watch. So shoot us.

I'm worried for Michael. He's chosen a model who does not fit his aesthetic at all. There's no way he's going to win.

The Gong show was a really good "talent contest" type show. It's a funny old show I found on DVD. Project runway is pretentious because it acts like they're looking for "America's next great designer".

I liked The Gong show better, so shoot me.

The Miss America show was my favorite television talent show. People said it exploited the contestants but who cares? It was fun to watch.

I don't care if Project Runway exploits the design contestants either. If they agree to go on television they agree to be exploited. Some of the contestants act like they think they'll be "america's next great designer". But I guess that's just the show's producers using them.

I wish Miss America was on television more often. Who cares if women's libbers hated the show. The swimsuit competition was my favorite. Just because some women look better in swimsuits than others doesn't equal oppression.

Is Project Runway the show will all the fat people who are trying to lose weight?

I like PR because we get see people make stuff, and sometimes it's a disaster, like EVERY SINGLE outfit last night.

Uli's dress was too short, if Nazri hadn't nailed the walk it would have been booty time.

Jeffrey's dress the worst and he should have been aufed - when he has room to be creative he always shits the bed.

Michael's dress didn't have enough time, which is sad. When he has a full day to work he does the "full package."

Laura's photo was awful and the dress was a retread of her own work.

As for the four showing, I hope they put together really great shows, but the preview in Entertainment Weekly last week (?) was tepid at best, so I'm not holding my breath.

Is this finale party 21+? (Just like every note-worthy event in this city.) Being underage blows.

I am NOT mentally retarded. We use the term "special person" thank you very much. My point was how could one possibly think Jeffrey has more talent than Laura! I mean, like we're supposed to believe Heidi when she comes out and sings Michael Kors' praises as such a great designer, BUT his stuff is sold at TJMaxx. And Dan, I bet you would look truly fab in one of Laura's dresses.

I loved the Miss America talent show too! The PC police and women's libbers drove it off the air I guess?!? If you are going to exploit someone for a phoney "america's next big thing" why not have it be big boobed blonde bimbos?

Once again, FUCK YOU for putting big spoilers right on the front page. Some people Tivo the show, and others don't have full cable, and we download the show the next day.

Use a freakin' extended've done it before.


My partners going to kill me for saying this, because for some reason she likes Laura, but I've got to say that I got great satisfaction from her ridiculous attempt to shoot her fotos in an elevator!
Everytime I hear her say "I'm absolutely fabulous" or "totally glamorous" or whatever absurd drivel in the intro, I want to strangle her.
I can't believe they got rid of Alison, yet we still have to see the same damn outfits from Laura and Uli over and over again. Uli is likable (for a hippy), but she seems patently incapable of making anything other than the same damn hippy-print haus-frau dress. Hopefully she'll proove me wrong with her collection, but I doubt it.

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