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Monday, September 25, 2006

Project Runway Shocker!

Posted by on September 25 at 11:06 AM


Everyone knows he has the ugliest neck on television, but could it be that Jeffrey is also a cheater??

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All ye misogynistic louts of the earth, behold your patron saint--your wingless, Hot Topic-clad angel of darkness!

Agreed. His celebrated and telling misuse of the term "femi-nazi" in episode two (as if there's a "proper" use to begin with) pegged him as a total asshole, a judgment he's yet to dispel...

I really hope this arrogant fuck gets kicked off. He can only do one thing anyway, and even though Uli has so far shown herself to be less talented, she's so much more likeable.

i love jeffrey. so what if he's kind of a jerk? much of that is the editing process, anyway. at least he's interesting.

the l.a. times ran a piece on him in their sunday magazine yesterday. it mainly talks about what a fuck up he has been in the past, and also covers a lot of info about the band he used to be in (lifter). mention of "big seattle radio station" has got to be KNDD, methinks.

story is online here

Forget episode two! One would be hard-pressed to find a single episode this season in which Jeffrey is not invoking some offensive reference to one or another group of "Others," be it women, the obese, diabetics, or (with painful irony) mediocrities in the fashion design world.

He wants to talk about Others? Let's talk about cliché "recovered" alcoholic "punk" "rocker" wearing laced-fly tapered pants and neck tattoos and a faux hawk, apeing signature Vivienne Westwood plaid designs, all the while flouting middle finger salutes and actually stating how much he doesn't "give a fuck" all the goddamn time like he's fifteen years old.

jeffrey is an arrogant asshole which would make him more than qualified to be a designer, but if he doesn't have the chops, good riddance. uli may not be a risk taker, but she is consistent and awfully sweet. she will make it with or without a win. michael might make an interesting winner this year...thoughts on this one?

i really believe that 90% of his "asshole" tendency is just carefuly editing, and in reality hes just a snarky, sarcastic dude. i can't harp on him for that because the majority of my friends are snarky and sarcastic, and im sure if i tried hard enough, i could skew stories about them to make them seem like assholes too.

Michael seems the clear front-runner, which Laura an unexciting but acceptable runner-up. (She'll have a successful line of high-waisted thin lady dresses on the market within 18 months.)

with, not which.


I'm with Nick and Scmader here. Earnest use of the term "femi-nazi" (or any other Rush Limbaugh rhetoric) reveals him to be human garbage.

But you know what they say in fashion, "One day you're in, and the next day you hate women."

The oddest part is that he was vehement about Keith being kicked off for cheating. The show made it look like Kayne was the one who got rid of Keith, but Jeffrey was very, very upset about what Keith did (using the pattern books) and threatened to quit if Keith wasn't disqualified from the show.

Jeffrey is obviously the Santino of this season. We are supposed to boo and hiss and be happy when he loses. Santino is a good friend of his, BTW, and posted some rant on his Myspace saying Jeffrey was getting a bad edit.

The problem this season (which has been far too obsessed with feuding and with stunts - they have taken away all the fun which made PR a success) is none of the final 4 are worth winning. Michael's clothes are boring. He and Laura make the same dress over and over again, and if Laura weren't a "character", she would have gone long ago. Uli has made a halter dress every single week. We're supposed to love Laura because she's some sort of socialite throwback, and love Michael because he's so friendly and good looking. But it just doesn't work for me. The judges recycle the same old lines every week, calling Kayne trashy or overdone or ridiculous even when some of his clothes were really good, then eliminating him even after he did what they wanted. The show isn't even anything fun or entertaining these days.

Erique!!!! Isn't it so fortuitous that on the night we all miss Project Runway for Bettina's b-day, there is not a new episode to be seen? We are good at life!

God was drunk on Bettina's birthday too, Nick, but in a good way.

overall, i agree with jon. this season hasn't been as good as the past two. i don't think that it's because the format needs to change, just that the people on it aren't as exciting. maybe if keith hadn't fucked up, it would be better. i really liked when robert and kayne were on it together, because they were so dishy.

on michael, though, jon is way off. i think he may be the best designer on the show since jay. he's not way out there, but his stuff is consistently good, and many of his outfits have been great. think of the trash episode.

I don't think it's just the people. The deleted scenes on the website have them having fun, being friendly to each other. The show plays that down. One of the story producers was on the site and she said she wanted to see more tears, fights, etc. among the cast. That explains all these stunts (going to Paris, bringing back previous challenge winners, that awful mother challenge) which fell so flat.

We'll agree to disagree on Michael I guess.

Whine, whine, whine about the bad edit. The thing is, unless you make the assholic comments in the first place, they can't edit them into the show. And besides, it's unscripted, not reality TV. We need villains.

New York magazine didn't clarify the spoiler nature of that article. Tim Gunn doesn't visit the 4th designer decoy. Guess we know that Jeffrey's one of the 3 finalists.

That article is a piece of crap. What is the point of it? Are we talking about the past, the present, or the future? Did this happen or will it happen or does it have any bearing on the rest of the show? It sounds like this issue came up long ago and that a resolution was reached long ago and Jeffrey is still on the show and, therefore, yawn.

come on, jon. that's no way to respond on the internet! you're suppose to call me an ignorant nazi, you stupid commie fuck!

Leaving aside what I think of Neck Tattoo Boy as a person (arrogant and conceited), the fact remains that I think his designs are puerile, unwearable, and unattractive. The reason I like Michael so much has very little to do with Michael himself (although he seems a very nice young man) - he consistently makes clothing that an actual woman, not a drag queen or a diva, would actually wear in public without feeling like a total tool.

I mean, for chrissake, anyone who can make an attractive, WEARABLE dress out of coffee filters is a flat-out genius.

Jesus! You're all a bunch of Femi-Nazis, stop envying Jeffrey's talents and go get some play.

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