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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Project Runway: Michael Is OUT!

Posted by on September 6 at 23:00 PM


His dress was the worst, and it got him booted. But Michael had the best line of the night: “I’m sweatin’ like a whore in church.”

Random thoughts…

Kayne’s dress was my favorite—but I used to do drag, so go figure. Too much? Not possible.

Sometimes the challenges just seem… a tad.. oh, I dunno… unfair. Who can make a couture, hand-sewn gown in two freaking days? I actually felt bad for Vincent—until he stuck his tongue up the ass the French lady designer on the boat. And must Jeffrey be such a DICK to everyone all the time? I would’ve chucked his shaving ass off that balcony. At least the bastard didn’t win two weeks in a row. Uli took top honors.

I did love the cheese-ball Fraunch moozeek, though. Can’t have too much accordian. But what was up with the egg throwing? Damn terrorists.

Oh, and I’m the only person out there who’s freaking sick of those Market Optical commercials? And that PR promo in which Heidi Klum goes “Ha-Haaa!”? And that pock-marked make-up dude goobs me out.

Oh, shit. Last week I got spanked for talking about who got sent home in the main body of a Slog post. “Put it after the jump,” folks said. Oops. Sorry about that. The rest of my comments after the jump.

Okay, so I didn't ruin anything for the folks who haven't seen the show yet. Michael wasn't out—as anyone who watched the show knows. Vincent is out—at last! But don't tell anyone who hasn't watched the show yet. And Jeffrey won—two in a row, the bastard!

But, hey, don't tell anyone who hasn't watched the show yet!

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"At least the bastard didn’t win two weeks in a row. Uli took top honors."

Huh? Jeffrey won the episode I watched, making it his second win in a row.

Thank god we won't have to listen to Vincent say "That turns me on" or "That got me off" about ugly crap anymore. Barf. But I love Tim Gunn and his thinly veiled glee at Vincent's departure.

finally!!! Vincent is off to the funny farm. About 3 challenges too late, oh well.... But Laura is damn lucky. That fugly dress was the worst thing she has done. If Vincent weren't on the show right now, she would be gone. It really makes me wonder how much better Allison could have done. I agree with Dan, loved Kayne's dress! There's tacky and then there's Tacky! (with sparkles and glitter attached) I admit.... I like Tacky. If Michael had only thought to tuck those boobie things in.... I liked Uli's the best. Jeffrey's was much better on the New York model. Final 3? Michael, Uli, Jeffrey.

Did you get the title wrong? Currently says "Michael is OUT!" Did I miss something?

at first i thought two different episodes aired. clever, dan, very clever. yet apparently some people didn't get it. oh well.

Maybe this is a test to find out how many people read the jump. I didn't, obviously.

Agreed, Dan, about the drag queen thing. My hubby was waxing on about Kayne's dress, and I agreed, but with the caveat that we're fags, so our opinion might not be the most solid.

six weeks too late, but FINALLY.

... poor Uli. She's deserved a win for a long time now. Maybe she'll finally take the top prize at fashion week.

Vincent! Finally.

Uli's dress, while perfect, was perfectly boring, IMO. Loved Kayne's dress. It was gorgeous.

Despite my dislike of Jeffery, I'm glad his dress won. I would have been sad if Uli's (and I heart Uli)'s won. It was too conservative to me. (not in cleavage or anything, but in overall statement.)

I liked Uli's dress, but it was too much like all her other stuff (with the braids, etc). However, it was a nice dress and the only one I could really see anyone actually wearing.

Laura's looked like a bathrobe, but like all her other stuff, it was well made.

Vincent's was pukey from start to finish. The sleeves sucked, the decolletage neckline was godawful and the heavy skirt looked, as someone on the show said, like a sofa. He deserved to go. He was nuts anyway and I agree with the poster who said Vincent's constant references to his creations "turning him on" were icky and I'm glad I don't have to listen to it anymore.

My very straight boyfriend and I liked Kayne's dress. Yes, it was tacky, but frankly not nearly as tacky as what I've seen some stars wearing to the Oscars.

Jeffrey's dress--hate the color, looked like a clown's outfit to me. But what do I know? If Jeffrey wasn't such a big dick, maybe I'd like his stuff more...nah. I just don't dig his stuff. It may be hip and happening, but I don't think it's very pretty or becoming to a woman's shape.

Just my two cents.

Go figure. I'm straight but I liked Kayne's dress the best too. But then again I don't understand fashion. However, that didn't stop me from recognizing the train wreck that was Vincent's dress for what it was.

My wife points out that the point of these challenges is to get the designers to be themselves, be unique. With that in mind it's no wonder that Jeffrey won.

after the President's speech last night, I see a parallel. Vincent stays on week after week, even though he is crazy and incompetent and locked in his own little world. Bush stays in office year after year even though he is incompetent and locked in his own little world (and the disembling about torture is pretty crazy)When will W finally be off the show? How bad does it have to get? How bad of an "outfit" does W have to make before he is "auf"? Vincent for President! (could it be any worse?)

I almost had a nervous breakdown when Laura was out on that runway with Vincent for the final tongue lashing. I know her dress wasn't the most fabulous thing she's ever done, but it was nothing compared to Vincent's train-wreck! His dress made his model look like a slutty sofa. Laura's was just not the most interesting thing in the world once the collar got smooshed. Laura, however, is one fabulous bitch. Three months pregnant and wandering around the streets of Paris in a tight dress cut down to her navel with three in heels? Fabulous. Michael totally deserves to win the overall show, but I want Laura's fabulosity there until the end.

What a fabulous show. So glad Vincent was auf'd! Yay, the world seems safe again!

I didn't care for Uli's braids, she uses them EVERY TIME... boring. Kayne's dress was okay except for the black strips showing through. Jeffrey's dress was okay, not a big fan of yellow plaid, but it was a statement. I sort of liked Laura's dress except for the long sleeves. Eh, on second thought, it sucked! Michael's dress looked 100% better when he folded down those breast pads.

Another great show and YAY... Vincent the crazy man is GONE!

i don't think laura is going to last into the final three. i think getting criticized last night will totally freak her "miss perfect" self out. the scenes from next weeks episode make it look like she's having a breakdown.

can't say i'm not happy. her stuff may be pretty and well made, but is a total bore. she's just designing shit she's seen at saks. so i think she'll be the next to get auf'd, if not kayne, but she won't make it to the end. that will be uli, michael, and jeffrey. though expect uli to get criticized soon for lack of vision.

I thought Uli's dress was pretty awful, actually. And Jeffrey's clearly deserved to win; his was the only one that actually had the vibrancy and modernity that you see in the best ads in Vogue and Elle.

Laura's was not great, but not terrible, either; it really suffered in the transport back to the US. It was fluffy and delightful outdoors in Paris.

Michael's was horrible before they tucked some of his incompetent stitching away. The design was too complex for two days. Still, he has to stay. Kayne, well, it was somewhat more restrained, but again I was struck by how much better it looked on the Paris model, who was several sizes smaller (are there MINUS sizes)? The American model was basically tube-shaped, with no waist and no tits, and that dress NEEDS the cinching to flare like a vase at the top.

But Vincent had to go and he went. Hurrah! It would be nice to say that he grew on me, and will be missed, but that would be a lie. Good riddance to bad rubbish that should have been taken out three weeks ago.

Jeffrey's going to win, I'm afraid. It's really going to come down to the nature of the challenge, whether it plays to Michael's strengths or not. Based on their entire collections so far, Michael is a better designer but a bit more limited; he has neither the highs or lows that Jeffrey has shown. He needs Jeffrey to finish on another low, which means he needs a challenge that lets Jeffrey display his frumpy chaotic goth side again.

I don't think Jeffry is a dick, i think he just has a lot of surl... which is defined as having the characteristics of a dick wad. Entirely different classification. I've found that sometimes people celebrate incurably surly people. i've never understood it, but apparently you can build a career out of it.

That said, i think jeffrey's stuff has been more creative and interesting to me. Kayne's propensity for doing his native oklahoma proud by pumping out prom dresses is a bit annoying, as is Laura's habit of putting big collars and high waists on everything.

Uli's dress was the best, although the braids were pretty big detractors for me. I thought she deserved to win as her dress had much more hand made detail and fit the couture part of the challenge better than jeffrey's (and I swear i could see his american model's downstairs in that thing).

I think the final three will be uli, jeffrey, and michael.

I think they are foreshadowing Laura's departure by referring to her pregnancy more. Too bad, I wanted her to come in second (Michael first, of course).

Re: minus sizes: I read that Eve Longoria (or whatever her name is) wears a 00, which is smalller than a 0.

First of all, Mr. Savage, you are hilarious. I loved that some people didn't get your humor.

I liked Uli's dress, but it reminded me a lot of her other ones (and of a dress Santino did in Season 2). I do think that she has the same shape with all of her dresses. What would a Fashion Week collection from Uli look like?

Jeffrey deserved to win. I just wish they hadn't foreshadowed his win early in the episode, when he said "I'd love to be the first to win with immunity." I wonder what advantage he'll have (referring back to Heidi's teaser).

Michael's made me nervous.

I wish they had slammed Vincent for his use of glue. It would have been nice for there to be some sort of reckoning for those who didn't use couture techniques.

Vincent didn't just deserve to be auf'd, he deserved to be murdered. After boasting about what a couture expert he was, he proceeded to: glue together that slutty, ugly dress; duck the questions from both sets of judges; embarass himself by sucking up to that nice French lady and, well, did I mention his dress sucked? Seriously man, single shot to the head.

It's becoming clear that Michael and Jeffrey are by far the two most talented designers. One of the two female contestants will join them in the final 3, as Kayne continues to be way over his head.

YES!!!!Thank god someone said this.FUCK those market optical commercials.I counted how many times they say market optical in the commercial.....12 FUCKING TIMES!

I was howling with joy when Heidi said Auf... to Vincent. Oh was I happy.
I was scared for Laura there for a moment though, because of how damn lucky Vincent has been. Oh how I'm glad he's gone.
And I actually liked Kayne's dress. I like details, and boy were there details to the dress. I also love the corset style (works so well for my figure) and the skirt was beautiful. I guess I just don't get high fashion.
Speaking of, Jeffery needs to be in the bottom 2 again to be humbled. He's not a bad designer, but what an ass. I would actually like the final 3 to be Micheal, Uli and Laura, but Jeffery will probably be in there. Unless it's an upset like with Wendy and Austin!

fuck market optical
fuck market optical
fuck market optical
fuck market optical
fuck market optical
fuck market optical
fuck market optical

laura will be gone next week. oh, the hormones! throw her onto the pile of her kids.

and unless there's a cirque du soleil challenge, kayne will be gone soon after.

market optical, apply directly to the forehead, market optical, apply...

Oddly, I am actually wishing I hadn't read the jump. I would've been quite amused to watch the tape this weekend thinking all along Michael's be getting the boot and then squealing with glee at Vincent leaving.
Oh well. I honestly don't mind knowing ahead of time who gets auf'd. The editors give it away anyhow.
Can't wait to watch it.
I'm happy Kayne did better. He and Jeffrey and Uli are my picks for top 3.

Hey, I have nothing against Market Optical. But they need to film a new commercial. I swear that one shows buildings and businesses on First Ave. that shut down or were torn down in 1992.

just saw it, and i loved kayne's dress. i did think that jeffrey's was the best, but the oklahoma homo's dress was second place, i thought. it was busy, but beautiful.

and thank GOD vincent is gone. though i could see him showing up for the next challenge, claiming that he is still in. when he was bragging about how great of a couture dress maker he was, i was just dying!

I'm so glad Vincent is gone - if he'd been auf'd earlier, PR3 would have been.
Kayne's dress looked imho... on TV... maybe not-so-much in RL?

Really think they need to find a different scoring system - something semi-cumulative perhaps?

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