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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Politically Incorrect On So Many Levels

Posted by on September 12 at 9:30 AM

Oh, this is going to cause a fuss in certain circles, although I know some women who’ll probably get out their Magic Wands when they see it. Stephen Meisel shoots models (terroristas?) being pushed around by cops in a slideshow of fashion images from the Italian issue of Vogue magazine. Safe for work, but with big images and really annoying sound files.

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I'm curious to know how sincere the photographer is? As a comment on the mass media-- its fusion of sadism and male gaze-- it seems pretty brilliant. As un-ironic art meant to celebrate a certain kind of eroticism, it seems pretty lame: getting its kick from just assembling conventional COPS TV-style images with conventional waify models. It's the same genre as scantily clad women as car mechanics/ ornaments, just retooled to fit a war on terror in new york city. If it's un-PC, that's only because people are too scared to say that this is what passes for a lot of uncreative (and also potentially dangerous) male fantasy.

Glamour models being roughed up by riot police. I think it's hilarious!! And some of the shots were pretty sexy.

BTW - thanks for your column on shaving pubic hair. The Mrs had been mulling it over for a while, and you helped move her to action. Yummy!

Far more interesting is the ban on too-skinny models in Spain and it becoming an EU-wide issue.

It's getting harder and harder to shoot sexy photos of models because they are so damn thin that they are not sexy at all. Thus, elaborate sets are needed now to sell clothes that were once made sexy by the women wearing them.

BTW, thanks, Mistress Matisse!

This is wonderfully politically subversive. Anyone who objects to the depictions of models in these situations must then also consider the treatment of the not-so-glamorous. Our soldiers, Europe's soldiers, Israel's soldiers treat brown-skinned funny-speaking people like this every day. If you object to the photographs, you must object to our country's actions.

I think some of these photos make a great commentary about power, the theater of war, and about image. Some of the pics just come across as cheese, though.

Seems very "Eyes of Laura Mars."

Armani is the perfect look for the revolution.

The romantic energy that Giorgio is known for reaches a crescendo as tactile elegance meets Sadistic exurberance.

The designer's last revolution brought leather and velvet to everything from diamond patterned jackets to soft slippers. But it's the coming revolution that will finally rid our streets of denim and baggy trousers, as each outfit carries the double burst of underground romance and heavy artillery.

If Italian supermodels are rioting in the streets, I say 'Bring it on!'

Thanks for that.

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