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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On Torture

Posted by on September 12 at 10:15 AM

Matt Lauer v President Bush on the Today Show.

Choice Quotes.

Bush: “This isn’t make believe.”

Lauer: “Is there a blurring of the lines between ourselves and the people you’re trying to protect us against?”

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just saw this in the seattle times....

they're always behind the stranger aren't they?

That video is incredibly scary.

He's the decider, just go along with his decisions. He's god incarnate--haven't you realised this?

When I was in college I worked in a union hotel. Management and labor had the usual issues, with the usual sterotypes on both sides.

There was one employee - a shop steward - who was always making excuses, never took responsibility for anything-ever, was a horrible steward, and was the example management pointed to when they complained about unions. They finally fired him, and people on both sides were happy.

George Bush is reminding me more and more of that guy. He has that same whiny tone to his voice, the same rotten job performance, the same defensive body language. Bush is, in effect, the epitome of big businesses's perception of union employees, but since he's "their boy" they let it slide. The rest of the people who buy his line are just the navie rubes who believe anything, as long as a white guy in a suit tells it to them.

It just goes to show that, but for the accident of birth, Bush would never have risen any further in life than the worst appliance salesman at a low-performing Sears outlet store.

The first thing I learned on counter-terrorism ops is that torture is pretty darned close to useless. About the only time it was of any use was if there literally was a bomb - right there - going off in five minutes.

The rest of the time, friendly persuasion and persistance is far more effective.

History will rue the day we decided to let King George make him and his cronies be Above The Law.

i continue to be terrified of that man. actually i am more scared of him than any terrorist group out there.

Oh, crap! They want to kill my family??? Wow, I guess I'm better off not knowing whatever's going on. I'm sure it's legal if they say it is, as long as they're protecting my family. Phew!

Check out the Charlie Gibson interview from Thursday. Bush gets in his face, too. Check out minute 6:26...

Well, GWB always was a dickwad.

Same as every single time he opens his mouth. Reporter asks a variety of specific, troubling questions, and Bush is completely unable to engage in discussion, and instead keeps saying, "We're protecting you, we feel threatened by your questions, so shut up and stop worrying your pretty little head." No rational journalist looking for straight answers would think of interviewing this guy if the context were different, if there were someone more coherent available instead, but sadly he's the one and only leader of the "free" world.

My favorite moment was W getting flustered and interrupting Lauer by saying "let me remind you, September 11th was a bad day." Un-fucking-believable.

I also love how he says that everyone with a different opinion or a criticism of his administration is "wrong." Never an explanation or reason why or evidence, they're simply wrong. And, in order to scare people into believing they're wrong, he threatens violence and death by unknown, unidentified "terrorists."

This is anologous to saying, "Just have faith," which is exactly what fundamentalists say about Jesus. No explanation or reason or evidence, just believe. Oh, and if you don't have faith, Jesus will smite you with violence and death.

That is absolutely terrifying... I think the worst part is that shrub actually seems to be sincere about what he's spouting.

I don't understand why the US is "looking" for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, when the biggest of them all is in the Oval Office.

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