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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Old Kid on the Block

Posted by on September 14 at 16:10 PM

Feel crappy today? IT’S TIME FOR SOME PERSPECTIVE. Check out the following gossipy treat from D-Listed, about poor Jordan Knight (formerly of New Kids on the Block) who is pictured doing an autograph signing in Wal-Mart—AND NO ONE SHOWED UP.

Jordan Knight used to have it all when he was with New Kids on the Block. Screaming fans, panties being thrown at him, massive security…blah…blah..blah and look at him now. He held a signing at a Walmart in the Junior Miss department and nobody showed up. Even this woman doesn’t give a shit. She’s more interested in buying two bags of Bugles and getting one free.


To honor the memory of Jordan Knight’s former greatness, I present you with “Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block.
R.I.P., you magnificent motherfucker.

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that is the GAYEST thing i have EVER SEEN.

i cannot believe that i EVER went to see them in concert... beyond bad.

but oh so deliciously good at the same time.

that one ranks right up there with this one in hilarity, though not in how pathetic it is :

This is the sign of some really bad pr/marketing ... I mean, yeah the dude's a has-been, but *someone* booked him to tour Wal-Marts (ug!) and then *someone* didn't do their job to make sure at least a few 12 year olds showed up. That's what a PR person does. Worst case scenario, they hire a couple flaks to go in and wave their arms around. This picture is pretty much evidence of a pr failure more than the dude's failure.

Huh, maybe there's a business opportunity in this somewhere...

There's a logistical problem with this signing. The Junior Miss Department? Mr. Knight is sitting there, all old-manned out. The fans from back in the day no longer shop in the juniors section. Do young girls today have any reason to know who he is?

PR/Marketing? Is that what class this is? I thought this was Color and Design 98.

That idiot booked that gig his dumb ass self because no agency would touch him.

Maybe his pastor booked him. Maybe he's personal friends with the 2nd shift floor manager at store #948 there in Akron. What the fuck is he promoting? His new line of teen panties?

Ariel-You're right. Very bad PR. But it's also his fault. He was on tv recently (I don't remember what) and he sang a song from New Kids on the Block. The least he could have done was sang something new. If he doesn't have anything new, then what the hell is he trying to do? Get famous again off old songs? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Aren't we all forgetting his last semi-notcible venture was The Surreal Life on VH1??! That's not exactly a sign of some kind of comeback. This guys a has-been looser who desperately clings to any scrap of fame and power he can get and when he can't get any he does stupid ass shit like appearing at a Wal-Mart. I hope he at least does not shop there.

man. were it in jacksonville, i'd be there with bells on!

Do none of the goths remember Jordan in his spiffy Bauhaus T-shirt in the "Right Stuff" video?

So so sad, I would have been there and asking him to do it in the dressing room. And yes I remember Jordan's Bauhaus shirt, and Jonathan's Sugarcubes shirt in the Hangin Tough video...

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