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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not Dead

Posted by on September 13 at 16:40 PM

The police have just informed us that the drunk man accidently hit by a motorcycle on Belmont and Pine on Saturday, September 2, is alive. He left Harborveiw on September 11. However, some questions remain open. Why did the SPD not send the traffic investigation squad to investigate an accident that put a man into the hospital for over a week? The police claim the drunk was not badly injured but the SFD stated that he was “unconscious and unresponsive” when they treated him on the street. And why, in the first place, was he not transported to detox?

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Anyone who the SFD would describe as unconscious and unresponsive (and presumably not dead) would immediately garner paramedic transport to Harborview, no questions asked. Odds are the were hoping to turf this guy so as to not stink up their ambulance, and he subsequently wandered into traffic. BS called.

Do your fucking job.

Bullshit called.

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