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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

New Poll: Burner Leading Reichert, 49% to 46%

Posted by on September 6 at 12:00 PM

Hat tip to Goldy.

Burner’s lead is within the poll’s margin of error, but still, this is impressive. And check out the huge Bush disapproval rating in the 8th District. Makes it even more bizarre that Reichert is bringing Rove to town next week.

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Reichert needs the cash, he can't win without it, he's almost as dead as Alaskan Mike McGavick is.

97.1% of 8th District voters are white? Wow, that's whiter than Bumbershoot!

Hey, great to hear that Reichert may be behind. So why didn't The Stranger include an endorsement recommendation for the 8th District in this week's lead article? I would think this area would be of some relevance, given it's a fairly moderate area on the divide between blue and red....

I'm sure everyone here caught Darcy's act 2 weeks ago on the Commute with Carlson. As usual, Burner sounded like the smartest geek in 7th Grade, the insufferable know-it-all little snot(Michael Medved in drag) that normal kids used to beat up at recess.

When she used her 'military background' as pretext for disrespecting the excellent Savage-inspired foreign policy of the Bush Crime Family, a caller wiped the smug out of her voice for at least a minute. She was informed by a military veteran that being the daughter or sister or wife of a vet is not a military background, but fat- cat 'Crats like Ms. Burner are experienced at blurring distinctions & bending truth, so Darcy skipped a beat and MovedOn. She's learned well from "Vietnam Vet" Jim McDermott, whose Vietnam was really a soft billet in California.

Then, improbably implying that McDermott is even more liberal than she is, Burner blundered into Social Security, a bankrupt ideology, beloved of coercive ideologues who are oblivious to demography, that will soon
be literally bankrupt. Burner's justification for maintaining the federal monopoly of Social Security is that the federal monopoly of Medicare is even worse and is going bankrupt even faster.

And blah. Blah. Blah.

The only useful take-home lesson anyone could usefully take home from yesterday is that John Carlson is Seattle's Best radio person (David Bose is the miss-congeniality runner-up.) Conservative Carlson gave liberal Burner a forum of civility & respect. His questions were incisive and non-confrontational; he gave Ms. B all the time she wanted to act like she knew what she was talking about.

Civility is Carlson's default approach to issues and to preening personalities like Burner's. The only known-to-me exception to Carlson's kindness was a blunt interview with Rrrrroberto Maestes, a con running a con (The Stranger said so, years ago, so it must be true).

Contrast Carlson with defunct & defrocked left-wing ranters like Mike
Webb or Erin Hart, dumped by KIRO. Imagine the standard leftist scenario playing out if tangled Webb or red-headed stepchild Hart had brought on Dave Reichert for the ugly fun of making him a target for liberal spit.

Or contrast Carlson with the lefty little KIRO pit-poodle who looks like the Mutt half of Mutt & Jeff, and who is called 'God' by hacks & flaks at Blatherwatch. Dave Ross, who implored his evaporating pool of listeners to grovel to al Jazeera after Abu Ghraib hit the fan, was in full-fang Eyman-eating mode last week when a guest suggested that the FBI is terrified of the PC police and is terrified of offending thousands of terrorist-apologists from Detroit & Dearborn who rant & chant for Hezbollah.

Then God reverted to sickly-saccharine-sweet when Detroit's Imam Mohammed came on. Blah.

Mr. Carlson, to make a short story long, is the best governor we never had and is a regional & national treasure. Too bad we can't do long-overdue regime change in the 7th District, & send him to Congress with Reichert. Too bad "Governor" Gregoire doesn't have the decency to give it up to Dino.

Too bad Darcy, Christine, McD, & their poodles don't scoop their poop & MoveOn.

Carlson's boring.

Hey there "Dipshit Darcy,"

Social Security isn't going bankrupt. In a few decades, it will only be capable of paying out 80 percent of benefits. That's not bankruptcy, dipshit.

ok. so all we need to do is run up expenses on our plastic until the accumulated liabilities exceed our net worth, then reduce our payments to 80% of the balance, then to zero. that way we won't be bankrupt either. works for me, big guy.

Hey Dipshit, how many times a week to you suck Carlson's schlong?

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