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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Moving Pictures

Posted by on September 6 at 15:07 PM

The movies that make up the list below the image have had the greatest influence on me. They are always on my mind, always in my house.
1) Blade Runner, Scott (cinema as urban theory)
2) I am Cuba, Kalatozishvili (Hegel as cinema)
3) To Sleep With Anger (cinema as Afro American literature—the director, Burnett, and main actor, Glover, of this movie are in the above image)
4) The Mirror, Tarkovsky (cinema as Proust)
5) Aliens, Cameron (the cinema of American militarism/also the cinema of Marx)
6) I Can’t Sleep, Denis (cinema as post-colonial exhaustion)
7) North by Northwest (cinema as cinema)
8) Chungking Express, Wai (cinema as late capitalism)
9) Hyenas, Mambéty (cinema as Economic Structural Adjustment Program)
10) Kwaidan, Kobayashi (cinema as Hearn)
11) Last Command, Sternberg (Nabokov as Cinema)

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Other than Blade Runner, I'd say that's a pretty wierd list.

Charles- another dreamy and poetic post.

Just kidding!

1. Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, Morris (beauty, obsession and CIA interviewing devices)
2. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, Leone (Every scene a story)
3. Gray's Anatomy, Soderbergh (Speech must be seen)
4. Night of the Hunter, Laughton (Gay, communist, atheist in a time where all were dangerous)
5.The Last Temptation of Christ, Scorcese (The ultimate biblical substitute)
6. Roger & Me (humor, compassion in absurd and harsh realities)
7. Rashomon, Kurosawa (Marge: You liked Rashomon. Homer: That's not the way I remember it)
8. Schizopolis, Soderbergh (experimental and self-indulgent, hilariously so)
9. Magnolia, Anderson (the Citizen Kane of my generation)
10. Fletch, Ritchie (towards ethics in journalism)

I think there might not be enough foreign films on my list.

blogging as pretension

I knew my list would come in handy one day though it's a bit more commercial than Charles'. At least it doesn't have Forrest Gump on it which makes it better than the AFI.

1. The Seven Samurai

2. Metropolitan

3. Chungking Express

4. Tess

5. All About Eve

6. Barcelona

7. The Filth and the Fury

8. Velvet Goldmine

9. Exotica

10. Persuasion

Can't resist. BTW, my list is better than everyone else's...

* Reservoir Dogs
* Stranger Than Paradise
* The Philadelphia Story
* Wild at Heart
* The Piano
* Memento
* This Is Spinal Tap
* Swingers
* Fargo
* Kids

*vomits all over keyboard*

Magnolia, Anderson (the Citizen Kane of my generation)

I don't want to think about what that says about our generation.

What about Burnett's The Glass Shield?

don't forget Love, Actually - the speech by the PM ...

In no particular order…

Breakfast at Tiffanies
Philadelphia Story
Passion de Jeanne d'Arc, La
The Women
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens
A Clockwork Orange
Monty Pythons Meaning of Life
Ivan Groznyy I

Good list Charles. I like everything on there that I recognize, and am curious to seek out the rest of it.

Not that anyone cares, but I'll add my list to this list. It's not a 10-best or anything like that, but these are films I've seen fairly recently that I want to share.

1) The Gleaners and I - Agnes Varda (a fascinating doc about people who live from other folks' garbage)

2) Lunacy - Jan Svankmajer (One of the scariest, most fucked-up movies EVER. It played 2 sold out nights at SIFF and it's coming back for a week at NWFF. See it, but DON'T bring a date.)

3) How to Draw a Bunny - John Walter. (A touching and confusing look at Ray Johnson, a major and majorly neglected artist.)

4) Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Pedro Almodovar (I just saw it for the 2nd time at Harvard Exit's Viva Pedro series. It's a great film! See them all!)

5) In the Mood For Love - Wong Kar Wai (Wong's crowning achievement. I can't get enough of this gorgeous film.)

6) Brazil - Terry Gilliam (Call it a sacrilage, but I think this is a more accurate vision of our world than Blade Runner. At any rate, a good companion piece)

7) Lord of the Rings - Peter Jackson (No apologies. I think this is one of the best movies ever made.)

8) Film - Samuel Beckett. (Written and directed by Beckett. Starring Buster Keaton. What more do you need to know?)

9) Duck Soup - Marx Brothers (Maybe the best comedy ever? You have to watch it repeatedly to catch the lines you miss while laughing.)

10) Police Beat - Robinson Devor (The best film ever made about Seattle. If you love this city, see this movie.)

Oh... and I forgot...

It's a Mad Mad Mad World
The African Queen
Arsnic and Old Lace
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

There. Lock me in a room with these for the rest of my life and I'd be happy!

The Wild Bunch, Peckinpah (cinema as american machismo)

Dirty Harry, Siegal (cinema as Nixon's silent majority)

re: I don't want to think about what that says about our generation.

I was hoping someone would pick up on that.

Me too, Maassive. Magnolia sucked. Hard. And this comes from someone who -- somewhat inexplicably -- really liked Punch-Drunk Love. So I don't just hate PTA.

Blade Runner
Pat Garret and Billy the Kid
Godfather 1 & 2
Cidade do Deus
Broadway Danny Rose
Knife in the the Water
2001 (Not the pre-human or post human parts.)

Y'all are (mostly) nuts, though You Gotta Be Kidding Me isn't too far off the mark.

* All That Heaven Allows (Wyman, Hudson)
* Billy Liar (Courtenay, Christie)
* Life Is Sweet (Mike Leigh)
* Funny Face (Hepburn, Astaire)
* The Ladykillers (Guinness, Sellers)
* Withnail and I (Richard Grant)
* To Catch A Thief (Grant, Kelly)
* Pillow Talk (Hudson, Day)
* A Hard Days Night (The Beatles)

I can't believe I left off:

* An American In Paris (Kelly, Caron, Levant)
* The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Deneuve)
* Roman Holiday (Hepburn, Peck)

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Pillow Talk
To Catch A Thief
Blade Runner
The African Queen
Police Beat
Lord of the Rings
Monty Python's The Holy Grail
Love, Actually
and anything by Shakespeare

Shakespeare's movies are pretty good, but like his Game Boy adaptations better.

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